Week 6 in Precalc

This week we learned how to factor using the quadratic formula

To solve this it’s easiest to determine was terms are A,B, and C. Once these variables are determined substitute these variables for the numbers from the equation. Use bedmas to solve for X.

Week 5 in Precalc 11

This week we learned how to trinomials

The first step in this example is to multiply the first and third term. Next is to factor the product, between the numbers choose the factors that add up to equal the second term in this case: 2+9=11. Next replace 11x with 2x + 9x and separate the 4 terms into groups of 2 as shown in the example. Next find greatest factor and divide the terms as shown. Divide and place the factors outside of the brackets. Place the numbers in a new bracket and multiply the quotient  by the factors 2x+3. Lastly check your work.

Week 4 in Precalc 11

This week we learned how to divide radicals. I struggled with this because of a new concept we learned called “Rationalizing the denominator”, which in a sense is really just multiplying the whole fraction by its denominator. By doing so, we’re getting rid of the square root on the denominator which in this equations case is 7.

A tip I find helpful when doing these type of equations is simplifying each radical before multiplying or dividing. For example \sqrt{72} gets converted to 6\sqrt{2} . After this step multiplying become much simpler in my opinion.




Week 3 in Precalc 11

This week in precalc I learned that when doing absolute values if a negative number is within braces it really means its a positive absolute value. We know this because it all depends on the numbers distance from 0.

For example:| -10|

so as shown because -10 is 10 spots from 0 the absolute value is 10