The Great War Comic

1. (from left to right based on the comic)

2. austria and germany are in an alliance with each other known as the “dual alliance”. this happened because Germany wanted to isolate France

Russia, Bristain, and France were in a triple entente with each other for protection. Serbia is also a country not to be asscociated with Austria-Germany.

3. Due to nationalism Serbia wants to become independant from Austria

4. All 3 of these countries were imperialistic, all wanting to expand their empires, however out of the 3 France was the least successful

5. at the time these were the 2 biggest naval armies and were constantly in competition for the largest army but Britain had their “two power standard to ensure their army was larger then the 2nd and 3rd biggest army

6. Serbia sent assassins to kill the archduke of Austria. With Germany’s support Austria offers an ulimatum however Serbia does not agree causing Austria to declare war on Serbia. Russia already prepared for this war before the declaration to help Serbia. Germany declares war on France. France orders general mobilaztion. Germany invades Belguim who are neutral but by doing so Britain declares war on Germany for violating their neutrality.

7. The comic may be in the perspective of the British because Serbia is depicted as small and someone who needs help as seen by Russia. The title is sarcastic due to the fact that the countries or “friends” are providing back up or support for people who are in way picking on them or bullying.

Poverty Cycle

  1. although there is no cure for HIV, currently we have the medicine to at least decrease the chances of the child carrying the virus from the parent. This will lead not having to pay for future medical expenses therefore not only saving money but also enabling these children have a greater chance of being able to work once old enough
  2. child labour is not an ideal solution for finical issues but we do recognize that there are family that do rely on these children’s income therefore a suitable solution would be at least providing meals to these children and break for these children to play and learn.
  3. to help break inequality for women, providing the same quality and amount of education that is provided to men will be beneficial. this will eventually provide women with jobs and careers to provide for children when they are ready and not forced to have children

5 Postions of Parliment

1. Prime Minister- my first choice would be the prime minister. Becoming the prime minister is not that hard of a task once making your mark in your party. Yes, the PM does have many duties and task but they do not really participate in any debates unless major ones. The PM must ensure that he or she is fully for filling the parties promises. Finally a PM is able to maintain their position quite easily as long as they have the confidence of the HOC and can keep winning elections
2. Senator- secondly as a senator you are independent with no attachment to the MPs and able to propose laws. They’re selected by the governor general as long as they have a good word put in from the PM, unfortunately they are blamed for many of Canada’s issues.
3. Governor General- The Governor General is a high position appointed by the queen to represent her to the rest of Canada. They are pretty out of the spotlight considering the fact that they have a high position. The Governor General is also in charge of our armed forces. This position is nice because of the fact that after bills and laws are approved, he or she only double checks to make sure they follow constitution.
4. Members or Parliament- they are allowed to free vote and can even disagree with their party’s decision however a party whip will often try to change your mind anyways to ensure the party’s success.
5. Minister- They are selected by the PM, ministers are often all kinds or people to have a great diversity in the cabinet. They bring forth issues and can propose laws


Making Change in Canada



Petitions are lists of names and signatures of people who agree on the same change. To have an eligible petition a certain amount of signatures are needed to even be taken serious. The people who can sign these have to be of voting age. The pros to this form of wanted change is that its not only peaceful but it clearly shows that there is a large percent of people who agree with the argument for change the downside to this is that it takes time and hard work to obtain the needed amount of names.

Pressure Groups

A pressure group is a small group of influential individuals that are chosen because they can persuade others to change. The issue with this is that because they are such a small group of people, they don’t really speak for everyone and for the majorities opinion. Another issue with pressure groups are that if it becomes too successful it becomes nondemocratic, again because of the issue of amount of people in a group representing a large population of people.

Civil Disobedience 

Civil disobedience is a form of peace protest where to argue for change you do close to nothing. Make signs, chant, and stand your ground. The issue with this is usual the people against the protesters have somewhat of government authority and permission police can be involved resulting in injury. Another issue with this is the fact that this does not gain much attention unless the protest gets pushed to extremes like injury or chaining yourself to a tree for example. This is similar to Viola Desmond case, she actually stood up for herself as a black woman during the 1940’s but the reason why this got attention was because she injured by the police. Because of this injury she was able to have a fair trial in court.