Pass It On

Allison is aware that by just walking, she is not solving racism but she does believe that by taking her own privilege away she is helping the problem of racism in her own small way. She walks with her groceries in the rain to equal herself to her neighbors who haven’t had the same opportunities. Allison did eventually receive a ride in the man’s car, however she instantly felt guilt as she realized she had done what she had been against. This is quite similar to the quote by Gandalf, with the evil being the racism, Allison being the “ordinary folk”, and her walking the act of kindness. In today’s society, an act of love and kindness could be as simple as holding a door open for someone or giving up your seat on the bus for the elderly. I have also found this similar to Colin Kaepernick, although he is not an ordinary man, his action of kneeling during the American national anthem has become a staple to todays activists. His actions are proof that repetition of a gesture may rub off on others.

An Infamous Relationship

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From his clothing style to his music Kanye west has always been someone who I’ve been interested in. this interest is what brought me towards this article. In a very short summary, this writer talks about the infamous relationship between the 21 Grammy awarded artist and questionably the most controversial American president of all-time Donald Trump. I found this article insightful as it helped me to realize the importance of their relationship to each other, as it is beneficial to both of their careers. West uses Trump as a sign of wealth in his lyrics, while Trump uses West as a illusion to make it seem like celebrities like him and his beliefs. However, with this topic I do not agree with anything Trump has said since entering politics but I also do not agree with those who decide to boycott West just strictly based on his own politic views as somebody not even in politics itself. Although due to this relationship I am sure I am not person who may be interest to see the day when Kanye West may run against the current president.

An Upset In Sports History

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Although I would not consider myself a fan of tennis at all I do pay attention to news of huge sporting events. However not only did the sporting event make headlines for the game itself but for the controversy that followed it. In this years U.S. Open the famous and favoured to win Serena Williams, ironically fought hard to no surprise but came short in the final moments of the game leaving a young Naomi Osaka the victor of the tournament. This upset was news but not for the reason others may expect. What drew the attention of others to this game was serena Williams behavior during the game. She was penalized during her match, later accusing the umpire of being sexist. This lead to illustrator for The Herald Sun, Mark Knight to create an image of the match for this newspaper. In this image Williams is drawn similar to an ape throwing a temper tantrum while Osaka, who is of Japanese and Haitian, is shown as a whitewashed blonde. This is not a good look for the illustrator or the paper due to resorting to stereotypical drawings. However as a world famous athlete I do believe it should come to no surprise that the media may not always depict you as how you want to be seen. With all this news surrounding this match I find it has unfairly taken away the attention to Osaka that she deserves, defeating a notable player who is considered an all-time great and now being crowded a champion.

Neuron Communication


The function of a neuron depends on the type of neuron, each having its own function. The first neuron is the interneuron or relay neuron (white and green). The job of this nerve cell is to communicate with the sensory and motor neuron. With the sensory neuron (black) the function of this nerve cell is to convert external stimuli from the environment into internal electrical impulses which are sent to the brain. From here the interneurons in the brain make a decision, finally sending impulses to the motor neurons (pink and green) to make a certain motion. This process can be demonstrated using a coffee shop as an example. You are at a coffee shop and you are waiting for your order. Using your sensory neurons, you see your drink is finished being made and the barista hands you the drink, your sight enables you to sense this. You make a decision of what to do with the coffee with you interneurons, lastly you pick up the coffee with your hands after your brain makes the decision to do so after sending impulses through your motor neurons.



Action potential is an electrochemical signal that briefly travels throughout the axon. This is caused by positive sodium ions and negative potassium ions making movement within the axon. In polarization of action potential, it is constant with positive ions on the outside of the axon and negative ions on the inside. In depolarization, the positive ion enter the axon through channels in the membrane. Once entered a new channel opens for the positive potassium ions to leave the axon. This process is called repolarization.


Once the action potential (AP) reaches the end of the neuron’s axon, synapse occurs. A signal is sent to from one neuron to another. This signal travels from the axon of one neuron to the dendrite of the neuron that is receiving the signal. The synaptic vesicles in the axon produce neurotransmitters (NT) which are then released into the synaptic gap. This is when the released NT bind with the receptors on the dendrites of the receiving neuron. These NT can either stimulates the AP by being excitatory or can repress the AP by being inhibitory, ultimately this is decided by the receptor. If the NT is glutamate it would causes an excitatory reaction and stimulate the AP where as if the NT is GABA it would cause the opposite and repress the AP with an inhibitory reaction.

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Canada Prepares for War

  1. Unlike The Great war where Canada joined without hesitation for Britain, when France and Britain declared war on Germany Canada took time to review their options. King who wanted to fight in the war decided he would consult Parliament. Although King and the Minister of Justice from Quebec, Lapointe did not agree on conscription, they did agree that joining the war was needed.
  2. i) British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) was created to train pilots and flight personnel from the British Empire came to Canada to train with British instructors. Airfields were built on the Prairies for training.                     ii) C.D. Howe was an industrialist  who was known as the “Minister of Everything”. He was given this name because he was put in charge of everything that had to do with the economy to become ready for war. He was able to make manufactures make things they have never made before to benefit the war. For example, car industries were producing tanks. If private companies did not produce what was being asked, Howe was able to create corporations with the governments approval.
  3. By the time it was WW2, Canadians wanted to help and fight for Britain but they did not want to feel forced to or even obligated. The French citizens still did not want to be forced into war but they felt like Canada could contribute help. During these times when the king and queen would visit Canada, the citizens looked excited to see them and went out of their ways to welcome them, meaning many people still wanted to fight for the royal family.

Fad Diets

This fad diet is called the Mediterranean diet, it is from southern Europe and focuses on the eating habits of those from Crete, Greece, and southern Italy. This diet is based heavily on lots of plant based foods, fruits for dessert, beans, nuts, whole grain, seeds, and olive oil as the main source of fat. The main source of dairy is yogurt and cheese, for protein it Is mostly fish and chicken with little amounts of red meat. 4 eggs a week are also recommended. Also wine is encouraged to be drunken in small to moderate amounts.
The Mediterranean diet is actually considered the worlds healthiest diet which may result in its popularity. Currently, south France, Spain, and Portugal practice this diet regularly despite the fact that Portugal does not even touch the Mediterranean sea. The fact that wine is encouraged could also result in how popular it is. People who have researched this diet have also concluded that this diet is less expensive compared to western oriented diets
There are certain cons to this diet, those being that when the Mediterranean diet it being explained it uses terms as measurements. For example, the words like “low to moderate”, “often”, and “abundance” do not give exact amounts which may confuse those starting this diet. Also, wine is very encouraged in this diet, however, many people are not able to do so, like those that are underage, pregnant, or on certain medication.
Long terms effects of eating based on this diet are less risk of cancer and less likely to have heart disease.
Personally I do not think I could keep up to this diet for long, although there is a large variety of foods that are available that fit this diet I cannot see myself eating a lost of beans and greens, I think there are easier diets to follow such as the keto diet for example.xa

The Great War Comic

1. (from left to right based on the comic)

2. austria and germany are in an alliance with each other known as the “dual alliance”. this happened because Germany wanted to isolate France

Russia, Bristain, and France were in a triple entente with each other for protection. Serbia is also a country not to be asscociated with Austria-Germany.

3. Due to nationalism Serbia wants to become independant from Austria

4. All 3 of these countries were imperialistic, all wanting to expand their empires, however out of the 3 France was the least successful

5. at the time these were the 2 biggest naval armies and were constantly in competition for the largest army but Britain had their “two power standard to ensure their army was larger then the 2nd and 3rd biggest army

6. Serbia sent assassins to kill the archduke of Austria. With Germany’s support Austria offers an ulimatum however Serbia does not agree causing Austria to declare war on Serbia. Russia already prepared for this war before the declaration to help Serbia. Germany declares war on France. France orders general mobilaztion. Germany invades Belguim who are neutral but by doing so Britain declares war on Germany for violating their neutrality.

7. The comic may be in the perspective of the British because Serbia is depicted as small and someone who needs help as seen by Russia. The title is sarcastic due to the fact that the countries or “friends” are providing back up or support for people who are in way picking on them or bullying.

March-April Lab Reflection

Although this reflection is slightly different from the last due to spring break, it does not take away from the labs my group and I worked on during this past months. For this reflection I chose to reflect on the Gaufre de Bruxelles. I chose this lab because I have never been big on breakfast foods, especially waffles but I actually found these quite enjoyable compared to my past experiences with lower quality waffles such as Eggo. I think the waffles turned out the way as hoped, they had really nice browning to add a crunch, however the biggest downfall to the recipe I found was that the waffles were really rich and oily. With all of the labs I did with my group I think we always work well together. My group members were all quite familiar with the expectation for a waffle. Its always a pleasure to work with a group who will either volunteer or delegate tasks in a polite way, making the lab go by efficiently. If I had the opportunity to do this lab again I would love to experiment with this recipe incorporating it in a savory meal like with bacon for breakfast or chicken and waffles which is something I have heard a lot about and is usually highly recommended.