Week 5 in Precalc 11

This week we learned how to trinomials

The first step in this example is to multiply the first and third term. Next is to factor the product, between the numbers choose the factors that add up to equal the second term in this case: 2+9=11. Next replace 11x with 2x + 9x and separate the 4 terms into groups of 2 as shown in the example. Next find greatest factor and divide the terms as shown. Divide and place the factors outside of the brackets. Place the numbers in a new bracket and multiply the quotient  by the factors 2x+3. Lastly check your work.

2 Reasons Why Piggy is the Best Friend You’ve Always Wanted But Never Knew You Needed


He’s chubby, almost blind, has asthma, and yeah at first he was a tad annoying but what BEST friends aren’t?

1. He never hogs the spotlight




When it comes to having a best friend you always want people to know you’re best friends, I mean what’s worse than someone calling your best friend their best friend right. But do you really want your friend to out shine you? Don’t worry about it, if you love attention Piggy here wouldn’t dare! He’ll stand by you without stealing the show, I mean he’ll do anything to avoid the fat jokes, or how about that cute girl in your math class who just became single? We all know he’s not much to look at.


2. He gives the best advice




Everyone loves a blanket fresh out of the dryer or a warm cup of hot chocolate during winter but you know what’s more comforting than both of those? The warm hug that is… friendly advice! Piggy to Ralph is like Remy to Lou from “Ratatouille”, always behind the scene but also kind of pulling the strings (in a friendly way). Piggy’s the type of guy to give you rational advice but also understands the fun sides of things. For example, someone’s giving you a hard time? Piggy will tell you to stay calm but also how could get back at them.

Week 4 in Precalc 11

This week we learned how to divide radicals. I struggled with this because of a new concept we learned called “Rationalizing the denominator”, which in a sense is really just multiplying the whole fraction by its denominator. By doing so, we’re getting rid of the square root on the denominator which in this equations case is 7.

A tip I find helpful when doing these type of equations is simplifying each radical before multiplying or dividing. For example \sqrt{72} gets converted to 6\sqrt{2} . After this step multiplying become much simpler in my opinion.




Week 3 in Precalc 11

This week in precalc I learned that when doing absolute values if a negative number is within braces it really means its a positive absolute value. We know this because it all depends on the numbers distance from 0.

For example:| -10|

so as shown because -10 is 10 spots from 0 the absolute value is 10

What it means to be human

Humans need to communicate

humans want to be happy

humans want to connect

humans need friends/companions

humans like to help

humans can be empathetic

humans need hopes and dreams

humans sometimes strive for knowledge

humans are afraid of each other

humans abuse power

humans are selfish

In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is about the innocence of two children in the town of Maycomb, Alabama in the time of the Jim Crow laws. I learned throughout reading the novel that the world is not as perfect as it may seem or as much as you want it to be. In this novel Jim and Scout Finch grow up seeing their lawyer father protect a black man. Although everyone knows this man is innocent for the simple fact that he is black he is treated unfairly and eventually prosecuted. The children put every last bit of faith into their father that he would be able to convince the jury that he is innocent and his loss in court destroyed the children’s hope to overcome the color of his skin.

Narrative Essay

It was a blank canvas, the beginning of my new life. A new school. I’ve never been the most outspoken kid at school but I never had to be I used to go to school with the same people for 9 years. This was all new to me like an alien in a new planet. The immediate whispers of confusion between friends,
“Yo who’s the new guy?”
“I don’t know but he has nice shoes.”
Walking down the new hallways I look at my feet. These aren’t that nice. My trusty mesh grey Nike Roshes. Were they being sarcastic? Are they not cool? Should I not of worn these today? The tornado in my stomach started to pick up speed. Wanted to go home. My actual home. I missed my friends. These were the first minutes of even entering the building, I still had yet to meet my class. My younger sister and I quickly met with the principal, he went on to explain how great the school was but I couldn’t help but feel he could be slightly bias.
Now it was the moment of truth, I walked up the stairs, every step making me more anxious. Time to meet the others in my grade and my new teacher. The principal who escorted me to classed showed me the math class which held 2 classes, easily over 50 new faces. I could feel the stares coming from the strangers, with a deep breath entered the class.
“ Hello There! What’s your name?”
There were 2 teachers, your average everyday teacher and next to her, the buffest teacher I’d ever seen. I had been assigned to the average teacher. I tried to ignore the gun show and put on a fake smile to hide my nervous face.
“Uh, Hi my names Xavier.”
“ Nice to meet you! Take a seat where ever you’d like.”
I had only a few seconds to choose where I sat. 3 seconds. Do I go with the table of girls? Too soon. 2 seconds. The kids in the front? too smart. 1 second. I plopped my butt in a chair. I look around and I see a familiar color, brown. I sat with the group of the schools Filipinos.
“Uh hey.”
“Aye man!”
In quieter voice.
“Yo you Filipino?”
I smirked.
“Yeah half Filipino, quarter Dutch, and quarter Indonesian. What about you?”
“Oh cool and yeah. Full.”
His face told a different story like he was unsatisfied with my answer. I dismissed it and looked a the board. Algebra. It was math, my best subject, and I already covered this unit and my old school and I was prepared to answer the question.
“Can anyone share with the class how to solve this question?”
I raised my hand with little to no confidence, I knew what I was doing but in the chance I’d mess up would be the last thing I’d want. To be known as a dumb new kid that would be the end of me. I took a breath and I answered the question. The buff teacher smiled.
“It’s not too late to hand him over to my class.”
My teacher just laughed. I looked others were surprised I got it right. Maybe today wouldn’t be too bad.
Math was finished, on the way to my next class everyone either introduced me to themselves or asking for an Instagram follow. Next subject was English and the same guy from math asked me to pass his binder, it was covered in Nike shoes and basketball players, lucky for me these are 2 of my favorite things to talk about. The Air Jordan cherry 12’s. A gem in the sneaker community. Rushing through my head were every known fact I had on the shoes. Released in 1997. 5th championship shoe. Jordan had his historic “Flu game,” in these shoes. The guy was impressed. The next picture Kobe Bryant, Lakers legend. Didn’t have to like him but you had to respect him. He argued about the age old debate: LeBron or Kobe but as the argument became more heated the connect between friends started to grow and with the loss of the tornado in my stomach came a new friend, Gabriel.
The day went by quickly, filled with greetings from friendly faces and constant questions along the lines of;
“How do you like Pitt River?”
But out of all the question one stood out to me and of course it was from Gabe,
“Yo you wanna go to a basketball drop in later?”
Instantly my schedule of being sad for myself, missing my friends, and being a grumpy everyday teenager turned into excitement. It couldn’t come soon enough, I planned out what basketball shoes and attire I was going to wear. I didn’t want to be too flashy or look like I didn’t know what I was doing, but I decided I’d worry about that when the time came.
The bell rang on my way home with my sister and we were accompanied by everyone who made an effort to make conversation, they insisted on walking me home but before they left I ran upstairs and brought them popsicles. I thought ice cream may consummate my new found friendships.
After looking back on my day I realized that making friends isn’t that bad, or maybe I’m just a cool guy but After a couple licks and laughs they left my mom found me in my room,
“Hey Honey! How was your day?”
“Hey Mom, eh it was okay.”