Pass It On

Allison is aware that by just walking, she is not solving racism but she does believe that by taking her own privilege away she is helping the problem of racism in her own small way. She walks with her groceries in the rain to equal herself to her neighbors who haven’t had the same opportunities. Allison did eventually receive a ride in the man’s car, however she instantly felt guilt as she realized she had done what she had been against. This is quite similar to the quote by Gandalf, with the evil being the racism, Allison being the “ordinary folk”, and her walking the act of kindness. In today’s society, an act of love and kindness could be as simple as holding a door open for someone or giving up your seat on the bus for the elderly. I have also found this similar to Colin Kaepernick, although he is not an ordinary man, his action of kneeling during the American national anthem has become a staple to todays activists. His actions are proof that repetition of a gesture may rub off on others.