Fad Diets

This fad diet is called the Mediterranean diet, it is from southern Europe and focuses on the eating habits of those from Crete, Greece, and southern Italy. This diet is based heavily on lots of plant based foods, fruits for dessert, beans, nuts, whole grain, seeds, and olive oil as the main source of fat. The main source of dairy is yogurt and cheese, for protein it Is mostly fish and chicken with little amounts of red meat. 4 eggs a week are also recommended. Also wine is encouraged to be drunken in small to moderate amounts.
The Mediterranean diet is actually considered the worlds healthiest diet which may result in its popularity. Currently, south France, Spain, and Portugal practice this diet regularly despite the fact that Portugal does not even touch the Mediterranean sea. The fact that wine is encouraged could also result in how popular it is. People who have researched this diet have also concluded that this diet is less expensive compared to western oriented diets
There are certain cons to this diet, those being that when the Mediterranean diet it being explained it uses terms as measurements. For example, the words like “low to moderate”, “often”, and “abundance” do not give exact amounts which may confuse those starting this diet. Also, wine is very encouraged in this diet, however, many people are not able to do so, like those that are underage, pregnant, or on certain medication.
Long terms effects of eating based on this diet are less risk of cancer and less likely to have heart disease.
Personally I do not think I could keep up to this diet for long, although there is a large variety of foods that are available that fit this diet I cannot see myself eating a lost of beans and greens, I think there are easier diets to follow such as the keto diet for example.xa