Safety Cheat Sheet


When cooking and a fire get out of hand, cover the fire. This will suffocate the flame and put it out. A flat baking sheet is suggested.


Pouring cold water over the burn immediately after being affect will help the burn from continuing and heal faster


Never mix chemicals unless being instructed. The results may be very dangerous

Slips Trips and Falls

Always wear suitable footwear in the kitchen, especially if carrying something hot or heavy


The proper knife grip will ensure the safest way to cut.

Heavy Lifting 

Know your limit. If you need helping with something heavy there’s no shame in asking

Food Poisoning 

To avoid food poisoning always use the freshest ingredients

Waste Management 

To avoid large amounts of waste double check your recipe to avoid mistakes


Personal Hygiene

Always wash your hands when cooking. Wash with warm soapy water for about a minute.  

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