Three Reasons Why I Hate Bob Ewell

Three reasons why Bob Ewell is a terrible person

Whether it be your ex, a teacher who didn’t pass you, or your annoying neighbor we all have people that we’re not fond of but the title of “worst ever”, can only go to one person and this person is no other than Mr. Bob Ewell. This man is the epitome of bad people. You might be wondering what this man could’ve done, that’s so terrible that I’ve titled him “worst ever”, here are three reasons why.

He’s an awful father

Now before I go into detail being a single father cant be easy but that argument really goes out the window with everything Bob has done. Mr. Ewell doesn’t bring any income to the family since he’s unemployed but he receives a welfare but what does he spend the money on? Clothes for his kids? Food? Much needed soap? Well, the answer to all of these is no, because what Mr. Ewell spends all his money on his alcoholic needs.

He put an innocent man behind bars

this story takes place during the great depression but also during the hard, terrible times for African Americans because of the Jim Crow Law and Bob Ewell knew full well he could use Tom Robinson, as genuine kind man who happens to be African American as a cover up for beating his daughter (which is another reason why he’s the worst). Sadly the prosecution of Tom Robinson lead to his death leaving his family alone all at the hands of Mr. Ewell.

He tried to murder two kids

After reading my third header you’re probably think, “Wow this guy could get worse.” Although Atticus lost the trial, being the great lawyer he is he embarrassed Bob Ewell by making him seem like an idiot, so what does Bob do to get back at him? Stalk and try to stab his two kids! And if that’s not bad enough remember that scout was only eight years old! A little extreme if you ask me. Or anyone in their right mind for that matter.