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Steak is notably, hands down, a long time favorite. With the soft wheezing of the gas, my fingers fumble rapidly to push the red button trying to avoid the stench of rotten eggs filling the air. A bright yellow and orange glow illuminates the burnt greased grill. Patiently waiting for the temperature to increase, the dancing flames burn the bits on the seasoned grill to darken charcoaled dust and the aroma reminisce of balmy summer days. Finally, the bright, seasoned fresh raw meat falls on the ready grill. Crackling and insignificant pieces of grease take to the air. The white smoke faintly dances as the once red meat leisurely darkens. The burning grills, mark the darkening meat, declaring a state of readiness. Conversely, the grill has yet to make its mark on the other side. The spatula clutches the almost done meat and flips it over. The tantalizing smoke dances across my face, tautening me. Happily, the mouth, watering grilled meat is ready.

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