mutation story

imageimagePart 1
Hypertrichosis strikes again. Poor innocent unsuspecting Harry Thompson. He is so excited to see his first born but little does he know, he just passed this ugly mutation to his baby girl. Harry has always been a hairy guy but it didn’t bother him so much cause he’s a guy. When Harry’s baby girl starts growing up, she’s gonna have a few challenges. Image, a teenage girl with more hair on her body and face then the boys. Shaving isn’t going help. In fact, it’s just going to make things worst. With this gene, the side effects of shaving is scaring. I guess with modern technology, she can try laser hair removal but that’s expensive, a long process and with Congenital Hypertrichosis, it’s almost a lost cause . Too bad Harry didn’t have a boy. He can’t pass this gene to his son.
Just the other day, Hypertrichosis hit Will Pane. Will had just gone through extensive chemotherapy trying to get rid of cancer, then losing his hair, months of being constantly sick then finally he gets good news that he is free of Cancer only to be burdened with this mutation gene. Excessive hair growth in certain parts of his body. Fortunately, with this being Acquired Hypertrichosis, Will has a better chance of removing the excessive hair. May cause some discomfort but not as grueling as chemo.
Interestingly, the first recorded Hypertrichosis was in 1648. During that time most people called someone with this mutation “werewolfs. Even after all this time, no real cure has been found. This is a spontaneous mutation that is passed through our genes but can skip one or two generations before it appears.

Part 2
1) “Hypertrichosis causes” and “hypertrichosis”
2) Google
3) Determine what is the question and what is it asking and find proper information
4) I compared websites information (Wikipedia,, and
5) Use more detailed questions to find certain parts of the topic in greater depth

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