science app review

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The app I chose for this assignment is “Complete Chemistry App”. Overall I really enjoyed his app very useful. The 6 questions I asked myself for this app were: “does it find what I’m looking for?”, “Is it confusing or difficult to use?” , “will the information be reliable?”, “can it quickly be understood?”, “does it bring anything new to the table?” and lastly, “will I ever come back to the app if I need to?”

This app I found was very helpful giving you the same information you’d find in a textbook or periodic table but in your pocket. The app is very easy and straight forward categorizing all the information into 4 main sections as seen in the photos and with every press on the screen the subject becomes more specific. I found the app reliable and up to date with everything its showing because in science new things are always being found so it’s good to have an app you can trust. Although it is very help helpful it does not bring anything new to the table or anything we’ve never seen before from an app. Lastly, in my final opinion on this app in future terms I think I would likely come back to this app if there was time I would need to study for a chemistry test, quiz or assignment.