Characters and the climate
There are mainly three characters : Chris Gardner 、 Christopher 、 Linda, and the leading character is Chris Gardner ,the father. The whole atmosphere is positive, though there is a large part describing the bitter struggles of Chris, his spirit is inspiring, and there is no disappear but hope and stable belief in happiness.
It could be seen that Chris could not improve his family life through his hard work. What was worse, his wife Linda left him because of the hard life. However, Chris did not give in and give up. He tried his best to build a happy life for his little son and finally he became a successful investor.
I think it is really a good movie ,we are unique and we are ourselves, ju st hold a dream and do what you can do ,and do your best ,don’t ever let somebody tell you that you can’ t do something .If you want something ,go and get it . It is said that the move is from a true story, so we should believe the sentence that “Everything is possible” .
The Pursuit of Happiness is really an excellent move , after watching


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