Plan 10 Block D Willis Wang


Healthy Living
This year, I am __play basketball and running ____ to meet DPA requirements (150 mins/week of moderate to vigorous physical activity).
Next year, I will ____(play basketball_____ to meet DPA requirements.
Other than physical activity, I will also need a concrete plan for _early get up_____ and __study harder_____ in order to lead a healthy life after graduation.
Course Credits
I need __80_ credits to graduate. A typical course is worth __4_ credits.
__48_ of them must be from required courses.
__28__ of them must be from electives.
__16_ of them must be from Grade 12 courses.
At the end of this year, I will have __28 credits.
Community Connections
I need __30_ hours of work/volunteer experience. To show I completed this, I must show proof in the form of ___pay stub__ or ___letter__.
I can start accumulating these hours in Grade __11__.
My plan to earn work/volunteer hours is through ___(be specific to where you would like to work, or where you plan on volunteering your time)______.
I will also need to complete a reflection that includes ____skills I developed______, _______ what I did______, and ______ how I benefitted________. It will be ____ typed words minimum.
Career and Life
In addition to updating my resume, I will also create ____Post-Secondary plans_____ and ____financial plans______ to show that I have a plan in place after graduation.
When I graduate, my current plan is to ____go to university
To prepare for the interview, I can look at the questions ahead of time. They are found __GT website______.
My interview will be with a ___(who)____.
The 3 people at Riverside who are here to help with this process are:
In Grade 12, I will find all the necessary documents AND submit them (insert where to do so).

I will complete Grad Transitions 12 whenever I have ____English 12___. If I have it in 1st semester, I must complete everything except the interview before __sell of winter ball ticket. In 2nd semester, everything except the interview must be completed before ___end of April _.


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