Week 14 – Math 10

This week we learned verifying a solution.

1 solution: m1 Is not equal to m2. no solution: m1=m2, b1=b2. coincident solution: m1=m2, b1=b2.

And then we learned substitution.

An algebraic method of finding solution for systems.

For example, x+4y=-3 ->x=-4y-3

3x -y=29.

First, we nned to find the x or y who is It’s independent. It’s easy to calculate.




-19y=38, y=-2.

We know y=-2, We can substitute y into the original formula. So the answer is (5, -2).

Steps: 1 pick one equation and rearrarrge so it is x or y.

2 substitute this into the other equation. (use brackets)

3 solve equation.

4 substitute the number just found, back into the rearranged equation.

5 verify solution.

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