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Knowledge is Underrated

Innocence is Overrated “Well, innocence is overrated. After all, what is innocence but a lack of knowledge? Babies arrive in…

Fumetto #1

Comic #1-wviqsp

My ‘Aha’ Moment -Science Co-op Work Experience


My Dream Life

Wendy’s Career Path

This project shows my plans for my future career. Plan-10-Block-D-Wendy-Career-Path-19i1c42-t43ven

My Graduation Plan

Wendy’s Autobiography

This is my digital autobiography about my important life events, people etc. https://sway.com/LS6NTBvneIaN4cp2?ref=Link  

Workplace Safety

To keep myself safe at workplaces I’m going to ask for help or more training if i am stuck or…

Core Competencies

Inquiry Project

My Inquiry topic was on Math. My inquiry question was ‘How does math affect the human development?’ Further questions: How…

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