To keep myself safe at workplaces

  • I’m going to ask for help or more training if i am stuck or i am not sure how to do certain things at work, im going to make sure i know exactly what i’m doing so i do it correctly and not cause harm.
  • I’m going to make sure i’m wearing or using equipments correctly to keep myself safe, and not rush through the process or getting ready in the morning to prevent injuries. I will make sure i have the safety gears on if im in a situation in need of safey wear. Do my part of the safety check so i don’t end up blaming myself.
  • I’m going to make sure that i keep myself moving or stand up at least every 20 minutes, so i dont feel uncomfortable and exprience pain. Im going to prevent small injuries that may happen from sitting too long, etc

To keep others safe:

-im going to clean anything off the floor or workplace to keep others safe, to prevent falling or tripping.

-Make sure i can be as helpful as possible to ensure people know what they’re doing, and so that they can be comfortable asking questions.

  1. I think for me Matt Bowcout’s story resinated with me the most, he worked at a common place that many young people work at, and cooking was his interst he wanted to have a job in. He had an accident with boiling oil, while they were cleaning up quickly.
  2. It resinated the most because its such a common place, and he went in for his intersts, his story of slipping with boiling oil, really had a big impact on my point of view on workplaces. Even if you are interested in the job, and you think you can do this, accidents still occur. Also the fact that it is such a common place, a restaurant scares me that how easily this can happen to anybody, and how easily it could’ve been prevented.
  3. I learned that you can never be too sure about if you can be great at a job or not have an accident at a job, because you think you can or you are intersted in the job. Workplace accidents can happen easily at common places, and it can be prevented with simple actions.