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MSD Weather Report Act 2

There has been an earthquake of 7.6 on the rector scale. This has been one of the biggest earthquakes we have seen in this little down for almost over 500 years. They have also experienced hurricanes, floods and many more natural disasters. The people in this small town are very concerned and curious as to why this is happening. Earlier today a group of people have put their minds together and have apposed a theory. The theory is that this tragedy is occurring because Oberon and Titania are fighting. When these two fight the weather changes. After digging deeper, they found out that the two are fighting over a young Indian boy. Titania has taken the boy because she feels it is her duty and responsibility. Where Oberon wants the boy for himself without any reason. Oberon and Titania must come to a truce over the young Indian boy, to stop the disasters around them from happening.