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Foods 10 – February/March Lab Reflection

For this reflection I have chosen to reflect on the whole wheat blueberry muffins lab. This is because it was the first lab where I felt more comfortable cooking in a school based environment. I really enjoyed this lab because I felt like I had done everything properly, whether it was my cooperative attitude, to making sure my hair was tied back.I also really enjoyed this lab because of how well my team and I worked together. Every member of my group including me was super engaged throughout the whole lab in many different ways. We were all helping one another out with our different tasks. For example, if someone was dish dryer, another one of us would help them out so that we could be more efficient. Although we did run into a bit of an obstacle, seeing as one of our group members was away that day.We demonstrated great team work by communicating and adapting to our circumstance, without it becoming an underlying issue throughout the lab. Overall, I was super pleased with how our muffins turned out, appearance and taste wise. It was nice having a good end result because I haven’t ever made muffins that look and taste that well at home. One thing I would do different next time is to make sure I have fun because although its good to be serious and efficient, its nice to just relax and have a good time with my group members as well.  


Final product: