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Supernatural Riverside Project

A challenge that my group faced during this video is that one of our group members was gone on a trip during the period of the video making and due date. There was many Wi-Fi and electricity shortages on her trip that she didn’t expect. This led her to not being able to get her tasks finished. Unfortunately, there was only 2 days left until the due date. Me and the other group member started coming up with solutions to this problem. First, we set a date to meet up at lunch. Then we divided the work up into parts. Writing the script and editing the video. communicating and talking about the situation really helped us get through this problem and get the project finished in time. Making this video was really fun, because we got to research about something we were interested in and let others know about it. Some useful tips about how to make an amazing video are not leaving it till the last minute, communicating and planning with your group, using different sources to research about your topic, and having fun! Overall, I’m very happy with the way our video turned out in the end. Even though we had a few bumps along the road, I was still able to communicate with my group and solve the problem.