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Community Connection

I chose to interview my soccer coach for this assignment because Both her and I share a common passion for soccer. She is passionate about couching soccer because she loves it. She has played it from the age of five and ever since, it has become a huge part of her life. Unfortunately, no matter what you do there’s always going to be obstacles that you have to face in order to get somewhere. As for her, it was a terrible career ending injury that prohibited her from continuing to reach and play at her level. Having to leave Scotland and her career was very challenging, but it also pushed her into coaching because she knew that she didn’t want soccer to stop being a part of her life. The advice that she would like to pass on to anyone that is interested in what she’s doing is that its important to keep an open mindset when coaching. Especially when you’re jumping from coaching five year old’s to 18 year old’s, as each one requires different skills and mindsets. The jobs and experiences that have led her to coaching soccer is that she always volunteered in school programs and events and growing up running sessions for kids.So when the opportunity to coach came up it was a no brainer.The important skills you need for coaching soccer are that you need to be patient, time management is also important when planning sessions as well as don’t be afraid to ask for help from other coaches and players.Interviewing my soccer coach has taught me that even when things don’t work out exactly the way you want it to there’s always another path to take.




A Midsummer Nights Dream Act 3

Dear Oberon,

You wanted the little Indian boy that Titania felt responsible for, to yourself. So you decided to trick Titania into loving a beast, by squeezing a love flowers juice on her eyes. Falling in love with a beast would distract her and give you a chance to take the Indian boy. Although, what you didn’t know was that by doing so you were only going to make things worse. When Titania becomes dispelled, she is going to be angry about what you did. This is going to have a major effect on the weathering. To avoid this from happening, you can dispel her, return the boy and explain to her about how you were wrong. After all the Indian boy doesn’t mean anything to you. He is only important to Titania because she feels responsible for him.



Supernatural Riverside Project

A challenge that my group faced during this video is that one of our group members was gone on a trip during the period of the video making and due date. There was many Wi-Fi and electricity shortages on her trip that she didn’t expect. This led her to not being able to get her tasks finished. Unfortunately, there was only 2 days left until the due date. Me and the other group member started coming up with solutions to this problem. First, we set a date to meet up at lunch. Then we divided the work up into parts. Writing the script and editing the video. communicating and talking about the situation really helped us get through this problem and get the project finished in time. Making this video was really fun, because we got to research about something we were interested in and let others know about it. Some useful tips about how to make an amazing video are not leaving it till the last minute, communicating and planning with your group, using different sources to research about your topic, and having fun! Overall, I’m very happy with the way our video turned out in the end. Even though we had a few bumps along the road, I was still able to communicate with my group and solve the problem.

MSD Weather Report Act 2

There has been an earthquake of 7.6 on the rector scale. This has been one of the biggest earthquakes we have seen in this little down for almost over 500 years. They have also experienced hurricanes, floods and many more natural disasters. The people in this small town are very concerned and curious as to why this is happening. Earlier today a group of people have put their minds together and have apposed a theory. The theory is that this tragedy is occurring because Oberon and Titania are fighting. When these two fight the weather changes. After digging deeper, they found out that the two are fighting over a young Indian boy. Titania has taken the boy because she feels it is her duty and responsibility. Where Oberon wants the boy for himself without any reason. Oberon and Titania must come to a truce over the young Indian boy, to stop the disasters around them from happening.

Persepolis Digital Diary

Digital Diary:
Journal Entry number 1:
Dear diary,
Its 1980 and I’m only ten years old. The Islamic revolution has taken over and everything about my old life has changed. The first rule that they have made mandatory so far is for women to wear a veil and be covered from head to toe. Deep down I have always been religious, I was practically born with religion. When I was six years old I was convinced that I was a prophet. God himself visits me everyday to have a conversation with me. I guess the real reason behind why I’m not a really strict Muslim is because my family is very modern and Avant – Garde. Anyways onto how this revolution is changing my school. About a year ago I was in a French non-religious school where boys and girls were in the same class and we didn’t have to wear veils. Now we are segregated and put into different schools. As awful as that sounds, it gets worse. They have made wearing veils mandatory. I don’t really like to wear the veil especially since I don’t understand why we are to do so. There’s so many reasons that I can come up with about why we shouldn’t have to wear the veil. For example, how Iran’s climate doesn’t help wearing a thick scarf on my head. Maybe If someone were to explain why we had to wear the veil than maybe I would have more joy in being obligated to wearing it.


Digital Diary:
Journal Entry number 2:
Dear Diary,
This morning I was watching the news with my father and we learned that the regime burned down a movie theatre with a bunch of people in it. This revolution is getting worse and I can’t just stand around doing nothing about it. So, I decided to tell my parents that I wanted to protest with them. As expected they disagreed and said that It is too dangerous for children to go. Even though I knew it was forbidden, I wasn’t going to let that stand in my way. So instead I convinced Mehri our maid to take me to the protest. When my parents left to go out Mehri told them she would babysit me. As soon as they stepped out of the house we rushed to get ready and headed out. At the protest we demonstrated and stood up for what we thought was wrong. It made both Mehri and I feel very powerful. Later that night I got ready for bed and waited for my good friend to show up and give me some advice, although God didn’t show up. Now I’m lying in bed wondering why he hadn’t come to visit me. Maybe it was because I had lied to parents and went to the demonstration. Hopefully he will come and visit me tomorrow.


Digital Diary:
Journal Entry 3:
Dear diary,
Over the last couple of day’s, I have been wondering a lot about my ancestors. I want to know if anyone wanted the same thing I want. That’s when my father started telling me about my grandpa and his story with the regime. He was a prime minister and once he opposed against the regime he was sent to prison. During his time in prison, he faced many punishments. My father told me that he was once he was in a water filled cell for hours fighting for his life. I then noticed that it isn’t just me who wants to fight for what I believe is wrong, many others before me have done it as well. After that my grandmother had arrived for her visit. Once she settled done I asked her about how she dealt with my grandfather getting arrested. She told me that once he was sent to prison they lost all their wealth, but despite being in poverty she still took every effort to make sure her family looked nice. Later that night we were becoming very concerned, waiting for my father’s arrival from a protest that should have been finished hours ago. Then all a sudden scenarios that I didn’t want to think about started rushing into my head. I was scared that maybe something terrible had happened to him. when suddenly there was a knock at the door. My mother jumped up from the couch rushing to the door. A sigh of relief lifted of her face when she saw that it was my father. I am so thankful that he had come home alive and uninjured.


Digital Diary:
Journal Entry number 4:
Dear Diary,
A couple days have passed by and a new regime has deployed. People around us are excited, but we know better than to expect peace. Today Ramin in my school showed up even though his father killed many innocent people. Knowing that his father killed people made me very angry, and I was upset that Ramin still stood by his dad. So, I decided to set him straight and point out what kind of a beast he’s standing by and calling father. When I came home I started to tell my mother about what happened. My mother told me that the decision I made wasn’t for the better. She told me that his father was the one who did it not Ramin, and that we should learn how to forgive. After that conversation with my mother I understood that what I did wasn’t right, after all Ramin didn’t choose his father to join the Shah’s police and kill innocent people, it was his father’s choice. Today I learned a really important lesson that I will carry on with me for the rest of my life. I realized that I must learn how to forgive. The next day I went and apologized to Ramin. I told him that his fathers poor decision making, and beliefs is not his fault. Then I apologized for judging him. After apologizing to Ramin, I felt like the better person.


Digital Diary:
Journal Entry 5:
Dear Diary,
A lot of sad and exciting things have been happening to me lately. First, we found out the other day that the political prisoners have been set free. Two of them happened to be close family friends. Due to their freedom, my parents decided to invite them over. One of them is Mohsen and the other is named Siamak. They both educated us with the painful torture they endured in prison. Mohsen and Siamak’s children kept going on about how their fathers were hero’s for going to prison and coming back. That night when they left I was feeling awfully upset about my father not going to prison and becoming a hero. Lucky for me I found out that I had an uncle who was a hero, with a crazy life. His story was that his uncle helped Azerbaijan declare its independence, and he himself was a revolutionary who escaped ran for the Soviet Union. When he returns to Iran he is captured and imprisoned for nine years. After knowing his story I am really honoured to call him my uncle. The next day uncle Anoosh returned from prison and hid in our house. Having to listen to all of his stories about his life and prison was really fascinated, he is truly my hero. While uncle Anoosh was staying with us we were hearing that people were fleeing out of Iran like doves, as for the Islamic Revolution was still happening. We still chose to stay, even though all the former people who were freed, including uncle Anoosh, are enemies of the government again. I am starting to get worried that something might happen to uncle Anoosh.


Digital Diary:
Journal Entry 6 :
Dear Diary,
The past few days have been really hard for me. Two days ago, I returned from school, to find out that my uncle Anoosh was gone. At first my parents told me that he had to leave in a hurry, but seeing that I didn’t buy it, my father came clean. He saddened me with the awful news about uncle Anoosh getting arrested. Then my father told me that he’s allowed to talk to one person in prison, and he chose to talk to you. Before I entered the prison cell, I took one big deep breath and tried holding back the tears. Inside the cell was uncle Anoosh awaiting my presence. Handing me a swan that he made for me, he told me that I was the star of his life. That I was the little girl he always wanted to have. That was the last time I ever got to see my hero again. A revolutionary hero shouldn’t have to be executed for what he believes is right for himself and his country. That night I felt like I lost everything, and my anger led me to a decision that I now regret I made. I was very angry and upset that night, so when God showed up that night I told him to get out of my life. I blamed everything that happened to uncle Anoosh on God. Banishing God from my life has only made it harder for me. He was one of the only people I could talk to and get advice from. Anger and anguish can lead you to decisions that you will one day regret.


Digital Diary:
Journal entry 7:
Dear Diary,
The war is getting worse, and everyone is living in fear. Cities are getting bombed everyday, the rules are getting stricter, and the people have turned against each other. The other day my mother and I went to the supermarket to get groceries and the ladies were all fighting over food. This war is starting to change everything. Even young boys starting at the age of 13 are given golden keys, being promised that if they die in the battle they will go to heaven. My family and I have been secretly going to parties, trying to get our minds of everything that’s happening around us. Pretending that if we ignore what’s happening, maybe it will stop. Sometimes I feel like this war is changing me as well, I have been hanging out with older friends, skipping school, lying to my parents about were I am, I have even started smoking. This isn’t even the worst part of it all. Uncle Taher has a heart attack and finds out that he needs open heart surgery. To get that, he needs a passport to get to England. Getting a passport in Iran is almost impossible these days, but thanks to my father, he has connections. Unfortunately, my fathers only connection flee to Sweden. Sadly, uncle Taher gets that passport and shortly passes away. Unfortunately, these tragedies don’t stop taking place. After uncle Taher’s death I went shopping with a friend, only to find out that my neighbourhood has been bombed. I quickly rushed to get a taxi and arrived at my neighbourhood. Freaking out I found my mother. My house was safe, but our neighbours wasn’t. I found my friend Neda’s bracelet that was always on her wrist on the ground. Suddenly, my mind went black.


Digital Diary:
Journal Entry 8:
Dear Diary,
The days are passing by slowly, and I’m tired of everyone dying around me. Fist uncle Anoosh, secondly uncle Taher, then my neighbour Neda. After all of those deaths I have become more rebellious. My principal got me mad yesterday, so I decided to hit her. After getting expelled, I moved to a new school. Going to school didn’t feel right considering there was a war going on. Honestly, nothing felt right anymore. It was like no matter what I did, the war got in the way. I am just a kid who wants to live a normal life and this war is not helping. The next day my parents said they needed to talk to me about something important. So, we sat on the coach and began our conversation. At first, I though it was about getting in trouble at school, but by looking at the looks on their faces made me think it was something more serious. They told me that they think it’s a good idea for me to move away to Austria with a family friend. They said that I can pursue my education and live a safe life there. All I wanted to do was get out of this hell hole, but leaving my parents behind and going to a different country was impossible for me to do. After all I’m only 14 years old, I need parents. My parents said that I’m old enough to look after myself and they believe in me. I asked them about why they can’t come with me and they said that they still have some stuff to take care of. A few days later we were at the airport saying goodbye to each other. I still didn’t want to go, but I didn’t really have a choice in the matter. All I can think about right now is my mother and fathers faces through the glass waving me goodbye.

Comments: Even if I haven’t read this book, I could understand what was going on. it was very detailed and informative. Well done Walwala!

– Carmela

Really good. It was well thought out and interesting! I was really able to connect with the main character in the story.

– No name

Information Fluency

  1. Something that I learned about Riverside’s resources is that you can access them on your device whenever you want to.
  2. I learned that Terry Fox’s library has more than just books to take out. They hold many events and also allow you to take out a ukulele.
  3. The thing that stood out to me the most today was that you can connect your device to a screen and create a collaboration space with your classmates.

Climate Change Solutions

How can us as individuals help stop climate change from occurring?
Solution 1:
Climate change is occurring and we can’t ignore it, and believe it or not there is ways to help prevent climate change from happening. The first solution that we can contribute to as individuals is being more energy efficient. You can do this by turning off your lights when you don’t need them on. Also, make sure you change your lights to LEDs or compact fluorescents. Another way to be more energy efficient is if you unplug your phones, computers, Tv’s, and other electronic devices when you aren’t using them. Washing your clothes with warm or cold water instead of hot water will also help save a lot of energy as well. Also, if you can, try hang drying as much as possible. Dryers are big energy drainers, so hanging your clothes will really benefit you being energy efficient. Something else that will help you be more energy efficient is looking for the Energy Star label when your looking to buy appliances.

Solution 2:
Another major way to help prevent climate change from occurring is eating wisely. You can do this many ways. The first step to eating wisely is buying organic and locally grown foods. If you can’t buy everything organic, try to at least buy most of your grocery list in the organic section. If you can, try to grow your own fruits and vegetables in your garden. Try avoiding processed foods as much as you can. Eating low on the food chain also helps because 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from meat and dairy manufacturing.

Solution 3:
Something else that us as individuals can contribute to is trimming your waste. When garbage gets buried in landfills, it produces methane. Methane is a type of greenhouse gas. To reduce greenhouse gases into the air, you can start to do something that makes a difference for all of us. Make sure to keep stuff out of landfills. All you must do is simply start composting kitchen scraps and garden trimmings. Start recycling paper, plastic, metal, and glass if you aren’t already doing so.

If we all take responsibility and action towards climate change using these solutions, we can help save the world from climate change.
Cites: “Top 10 Ways You Can Stop Climate Change.” David Suzuki Foundation,

Part 2:
1. What questions did you need to research to search your topic?
I found all my research for my topic using one source, and the question I searched was how to prevent climate change from happening as individuals?
2. What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project?
The familiar digital tools that I used to work through this project was Google, Destiny, and Ebsco.
3. What was the process you used to investigate the topic?
The process I used to investigate my topic was the 4 a’s. Ask, acquire, analyze, asses.
4. How did you verify and cite the information you found?
The way I verified my information was to check if my source was credible. I searched up the name of the man that this website was created by and found that it was a credible source. I cited this information by using Easy bib, which I haven’t used before.
5. How did the process of completing this challenge go? What could you have done better?
I think that the process of completing this challenge went well because I found out about a lot of new sources that I can get credible information from when I’m researching. Something I could have done better on is using more sources.

Water Quality Testing/Inverdebrate Sampling


Last week during science we went outside to the Oxbow pond located on the Port Coquitlam trail, to test the water quality and find different invertebrate samplings. Each group was given a compound to test out during our time in the pond. The next day we headed out to the Coquitlam river to find invertebrate samplings.

Water Quality:
The compound that my group tested was nitrate, and the result that we got was 1.0 mg/L NO3. The overall water quality index value for the Oxbow pond is 82.24, and the water quality index value for the Coquitlam river is 89.43. These values tell us that the health of our pond is very good. This means that our pond is not harmful to any species around it, and is safe to be used from.

The various kinds of invertebrates that my group found in the Oxbow pond is the Dobsonfly and a fish. None of the other groups got what we got in the Oxbow pond. In the Coquitlam river we unfortunately only got one invertebrate, called the stonefly. Only one other group got the same invertebrate as my group. The sampling results at the two different sites don’t really compare because they aren’t the same invertebrate. But both the pond and the river have living invertebrates in them.

Water Quality/ Invertebrates:
The water quality in the Oxbow pond and the Coquitlam river is excellent, according to our overall water quality index values. This leads to a lot of invertebrates living In the water.

Going outside and doing these activities really helped me understand water qualities and invertebrates a lot better. I really liked being able to experience what a scientist actually does on a daily basis. Working in groups also helped me because, I was learning and having fun with friends at the same time.

By: Walwala Tata

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