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Core Competant Canadians

The six Core Competencies are skills that we incorporate into our daily lives everyday without knowing it. By looking at the different autobiographies in this activity, I was able to have a deeper understanding on how people use these Competencies and how one person can acquire more than one. All of the Canadians I read about used these competencies as sort of a guide to their success. Whether it was flying to the moon, being a public speaker, or a member of parliament, they all did something that tied back to one of the Core Competencies. This activity helped me realize that I can also incorporate the Core Competencies into my everyday life, whether it’s at school or at home. A way I can do this is that once in a while I can sit down and reflect on something I did and see how it connects with the Core Competencies. If it does then I will know that I’m heading towards the right direction, and if it doesn’t I can find a way it can.