Week 4 – Pre Calc 11

A question that I came across this week that stumped me was:


Now for this question I distributed and used foil properly and when I was solving it, it was too difficult because this is what I was trying to break down all at once. Which…led to me making silly mistakes. A tip that I received from my teacher was to do them seperately and then combine them at the end once they are easier to manage. 


So I drew a line in the middle so that I know not to combine them and redid the question, which then gave me the correct answer. Now you might be wondering what I’m talking about because even though I did them seperately, once I combined them together the question looked just as long as it was before. Well the size of it didn’t change but what did change is that we now have like terms that we can combine which takes only a few seconds as oppose to a few minutes trying to find where you made a mistake if you did it the non organized way. 


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