Week 2 – Precalc 11

A big “ahhh” moment for me this week was when I had come across this question:

What came to mind first was to put it in a radical and then solve from there, but this is what happened.

When Ms. Burton said that we were building on what we know about radicals and applying exponent laws and orders of operations, she really meant that we have to start applying them. So instead of going straight to a radical think about your exponent laws and BEDMAS because they will make your life easier for you and help you solve the equation. So, what you would do here is look at your BEDMAS and according to that it says to get rid of your brackets first, and when you look to do that you realize that you will have to distribute the exponent 6 onto your exponents. At this point you should realize that hey, multiplying the exponents together is the same as the power law in the exponent laws, and that’s where the connection comes in. Below is how to take all of these steps and apply them to your equation so that you can solve your question. 

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