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Social Studies 10 Reflection #4

Putting ourselves in the shoes of a Canadian living in Winnipeg before 1914 was of great significance to me. It helped me get a more in depth understanding of how life was like. The different similiarites and differences that I was able to point out helped me get a feel of how society worked back then in comparison to ours today. For example one of the similiarities that I noticed looking at the pictures was what we did for recreation. Each city or province that was assigned to our different groups had something for recreation. The city my group was focusing on was Winnipeg, and what I had noticed was that they went swimming in the local lakes, they went camping, they played sports and in Winnipeg it was mainly curling.These are all things that have stuck with us today and continue to carry on. Some differences that I noticed was of course the way we dressed, technology, and architecture, but what really stood out was the sense of nationalism.There was Union flags on the tents in one pictuere showing how loyal they were. I think we can say that we don’t see many of those during our society today.  Overall I think this activity was very creative and effective because it was easy to connect to and get a better idea of life in Canada back then. It’s important that we know how things have changed so that we can see the progress of how much our country is growing along with the people within the country. Canada has become much more established and is world known now, more than a hundred years ago or more and it is important that we acknowledge and appreciate it.