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Core Competant Canadians

The six Core Competencies are skills that we incorporate into our daily lives everyday without knowing it. By looking at the different autobiographies in this activity, I was able to have a deeper understanding on how people use these Competencies and how one person can acquire more than one. All of the Canadians I read about used these competencies as sort of a guide to their success. Whether it was flying to the moon, being a public speaker, or a member of parliament, they all did something that tied back to one of the Core Competencies. This activity helped me realize that I can also incorporate the Core Competencies into my everyday life, whether it’s at school or at home. A way I can do this is that once in a while I can sit down and reflect on something I did and see how it connects with the Core Competencies. If it does then I will know that I’m heading towards the right direction, and if it doesn’t I can find a way it can. 


Social Studies 10 Reflection #3

The topics we talked about this week were problems we are facing today. The one that really stood out to me was food waste. 40% of all the food that is produced in North America is wasted. This sounds crazy to me but then again I’m not surprised because of the amount of food that is wasted by me in a day. While we were watching a documentary about food waste in class, I became more aware about this issue, and how it can be solved or rather used in different ways. We can turn the food we waste into energy, compost it, and use up the parts of the food that we normally don’t use. For example the ends of bread, the companies that make sandwiches end up wasting it because they can’t use the ends to make sandwiches. Imagine all of that bread just being thrown away and not used for anything else. Well, we can change that, and in some parts of the world people found a way. During the documentary we watched in class, I remember a brewery that used the ends of bread and made beer out of it, and once consumers tasted it, they really liked it. This shows that something can be done after all, and that we just have to try a little harder. Im really glad that we went over this topic in class, because it made me more cautious about how much food I should take and were I should put my waste if I have any leftovers

Waste Awareness Art Proposal

The Litter Tree will be placed in the front foyer in a big pot. This tree is no different from any other except with a slight distinct trait. This tree will be decorated with litter that is found within our community. This includes the roads, rivers, and parks in Poco. A group of us will go out to all of these areas and gather enough litter to cover the tree. This litter will be stored in a safe area, particularly my garage, where it will then be sorted and carried out to the school. As for the tree, it will be a medium sized tree enough to be easily carried by a group of people and suitable to fit in the foyer. I will have an arranged vehicle to deliver the tree to the school where a handful of students including me can start decorating. This should take no longer than 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how creative we get. After the message has been sent we can dispose of the litter to the right place and plant the tree somewhere within our community. We will make sure to gather items everyone uses during their day to day lives so that students can connect with the tree. This tree is an amazing way to raise awareness on how nature is being overcome by human wastefulness and carelessness. This tree will urge students to consider the consequences of our consumerist lifestyles.



Foods 10 – February/March Lab Reflection

For this reflection I have chosen to reflect on the whole wheat blueberry muffins lab. This is because it was the first lab where I felt more comfortable cooking in a school based environment. I really enjoyed this lab because I felt like I had done everything properly, whether it was my cooperative attitude, to making sure my hair was tied back.I also really enjoyed this lab because of how well my team and I worked together. Every member of my group including me was super engaged throughout the whole lab in many different ways. We were all helping one another out with our different tasks. For example, if someone was dish dryer, another one of us would help them out so that we could be more efficient. Although we did run into a bit of an obstacle, seeing as one of our group members was away that day.We demonstrated great team work by communicating and adapting to our circumstance, without it becoming an underlying issue throughout the lab. Overall, I was super pleased with how our muffins turned out, appearance and taste wise. It was nice having a good end result because I haven’t ever made muffins that look and taste that well at home. One thing I would do different next time is to make sure I have fun because although its good to be serious and efficient, its nice to just relax and have a good time with my group members as well.  


Final product: