Math Scavenger Hunt

The photo below  shows an acute angle that we found on a poster in the art wing. 

This photo shows a circle that we found outside our classroom by the fence.

Walwala, Jillian, Breelyn, and Jayda.

Week 15 – Pre calc 11

This week in Precalc 11 I learned the Sine law. The golden rule when it comes to Sine law is ” You can only use this law if you have at least one angle and its corresponding angle”, if you don’t have an angle and its corresponding side then you can not use this law.The formula for the Sine law also differs whether you are finding an angle or a side. Today I will be going through how to use Sine law when you are finding a side.

If you are finding a side, the formula is :

If you are finding an angle then you just flip it:

Here is an example and the steps I would take when solving for a side using the Sine law:



Week 14 – Precalc 11

This week in precalculas 11 we learned about special triangles. We use these special triangles when the angle is 30, 60, and 45 degrees. For these special triangles we will not have to use a triangle and they give us a more exact answer.

These are our special triangles: 

This is an example and the steps I would take to solve for an angle:




Week 13 – Precalc 11

A question I struggled with this week was:

I was doing alright until I was at the solving step:

As you can tell, I was conflicted about whether I should cancel the two out or not, and the answer is yes because they are opposites.The rule says you can but you have to put a negative one (-1) in the numerator. 


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