My Personal Health and Wellness Plan #2-Viktor.Vz

My Personal Health and Wellness Plan Unit 2: 

By Viktor Van Schaardenburg-Zizka 



Why are you Going to Get Back Up Again When You Get Knocked Down By Life?:  

Getting knocked down in life is something that will always happen to all people in life. The only changing factor is the degree of difficulty it is to get back up. I am lucky enough to never have had a serious problem that has knocked me down. I have only had small things. On of the most recent problems that I have surpassed was when I had to go to the hospital, a few months ago. I had missed 2 weeks of school and I fell behind in most of my classes. I was almost failing french with a 51%. I didn’t know if I would be able to come back from such a low percentage but I did it anyway through resilience. I bounced back and redid the work I fell behind on and slowly increase my grade bit by bit. I was able to go from 51% to 80% in a few weeks. The point of this example is that I got back up. I was knocked down by my illness and without me getting back up I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the grade I have today. 



How Do Your Habits and Choices Influence Your Daily Life?: 

Habits and choices influence your daily life because they change what you do and what kind of person you are. Making bad choices and developing bad habits effect your life in a bad way. If a teen made the choice to start smoking marijuana on a regular basis, it would have negative effects on almost all aspects of your life. Smoking is bad for your body which means that over a long term of time, you will feel that it changes your daily life. Making bad decisions like smoking will gather you with other people that have made that same choice. Someone that makes choices like that will bring you down. You will start to do things like skipping school, stealing and basically throwing your life down the drain. Simple things that are considered harmless like having a few drinks once in a while opens doors to a whole new path that can lead to a bad place. It’s important to make good choices and develop good habits to stay on track. 



If you notice that you have addictive behaviours, what steps can you take to get back to healthy living? Be specific. 

There are many types of addictive behaviours as you can have many addictions to multiple different things. Examples of addictions would be drug addiction, an addiction for food, gambling and gaming. These things are really hard to overcome but it’s still possible. Steps that can be taken to get back to a healthy life would be to change your mind set. These addictions almost become a musle memory. Things that someone could do to surpass the urge would be to go see psychiatrists. The point of seeing professionals is that they would change the way you think and change your priorities. An example would be someone that can’t stop eating. They binge every single time they eat. The solution isn’t to lose weight but to deal with that addictive behaviour. With a psychiatrist you would learn to think before you open the fridge and stop yourself from eating. An important step to serious addictive behaviours would be family support. If you eat too much, having a family on your side helping and guiding you to overcome the situation instead of calling you fat and ugly. For drugs, the best way would be a combination of psychiatrists and rehab. These facilities can make you stop taking drugs for an amount of time until you are healthy enough to overcome the urge of taking more. 



How Can You See Yourself Using the Skills of Delay, Refusal, and Negotiation in Your Daily Life? 

Using the strategy of delay, refusal and negotiation is very useful to get out of situations you are not comfortable in. This strategy is really useful to overcome peer pressure for anything you don’t want to do. A recent example where I have used this strategy was when I was asked by someone if I wanted to use their vape. I used the delay tactic by saying I couldn’t because I had a blood test the next day and doctors would see nicotine in my test results. The delay, refusal and negotiation strategy is really useful as it gets you out of situations usually without conflict. 

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