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QuestionIf it were possible to live on a flat earth, how would it affect us and our environment? 

Why and how is your question meaningful to you:

I’ve always had a special interest in natural sciences. I find everything on earth a phenomenon. I chose this question because it envolves a lot of things that I find interesting. I wanted to see how gravity would work on a flat earth and I could also use this question to learn more about the impact of gravity on us.

How could it be meaningful to others:

This question is not considered usefull because the circumstances are impossible(A Flat Earth). This question is more for the dreamers and the curious. The only person this question would be useful to is the people that lived in the middle ages.

Sub questions:

1-How does gravity work on a flat earth?

2-How would the change in gravity affect our body structure? 

3-Assuming that we could still have climate on a flat earth, how would our climate change?

Creative commons:

Image taken by: Kellie Churchman published by: Pexels



I have used found three different websites that will help me answer my sub-questions that will soon lead to my main question. The first site that I used is:

Kristen Erickson. “What Is Gravity?” NASA, NASA, 4 May 2017, spaceplace.nasa.gov/what-is-gravity/en/.

This website is going to help me answer my first sub question “How does gravity work on a flat earth. ” This website written by a branch of nasa explains how gravity works. In a few sentences, this is the information I found useful.

  • The center of gravity of a planet is it’s center of mass.
  • Anything that has weight is affected by gravity.
  • The more mass the planet your on has, the more gravity there is(The heavier you are)
  • Gravity is not even around the whole surface on earth

The plan is to use this website to find out not only how gravity would work on a flat earth but also how that gravity would change things on the planet.


I used the second website to find out how a change of gravity affects our human body. The website I used was:

Dr. Mamta Patel Nagaraja. “Gravity Hurts (So Good).” NASA, NASA, 2 Aug. 2001, science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2001/ast02aug_1.

I will use this second website to answer my second sub-question which is “How would the change in gravity affect our body structure? ” This website talks about the effects that a change from zero to earth’s gravity has on a human’s body. The basic information I collected from this website is:

-The weight that you carry is bad but the lack of weight is bad for your health too.

-Gravity is used in many parts of our body. It is used to control many things that we wouldn’t function as well without.

-In zero-gravity, muscles start to fade because you barely need them. A quick exposure to zero-gravity can make a significant impact on the human body.

The plan is to use this information and the rest on my research template to find out how uneven gravity would affect us. I will use my first sub-question:”How does gravity work on a flat earth” and link it to this second sub-question.


The last website that I used is about how seasons work on earth. The link to this website is:

Kristen Erickson. “ What Causes the Seasons?” NASA Space Place, NASA, 27 Oct. 2016, spaceplace.nasa.gov/seasons/en/.

I used this last website to help me answer my last sub-question:”Assuming that we could still have climate on a flat earth, how would our climate change?” This website is about how seasons work on our earth and the point of knowing this is trying to find out if seasons would work on a flat earth. The main information I gathered from this website is:

-The theory of earth moving close and farther from the sun causing our seasons is incorrect.

-Earth has a slight tilt from the axis of the north to south pole(Y axis).

-Earth has seasons because its Y axis doesn’t stand up straight.

-A big meteorite hit the earth which gave it it’s tilt. Without that collision, we wouldn’t have seasons.

The plan is to use this information and link it to a flat earth. I want to try and find a way to see if seasons would work on a cd shaped spinning earth.

The next step:

I have to use the three websites I found to answer my sub-questions. I will probably need new websites as I ask myself more questions. I need to link the information that I have gathered from a regular earth to a flat earth environment. All the conclusions that I have made are very abstract. I am hoping that my further research will make my conclusions more concrete.

Mr. Robinson’s Information Fluency Questions:

1-What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic?

I mainly asked myself three questions. The three questions I asked myself were:

-How does gravity work on a flat earth?

How would the change in gravity affect our body structure? 

-Assuming that we could still have climate on a flat earth, how would our climate change?

2-What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project?

I didn’t use that many digital tools other than bibme.com to create my MLA citations for my websites.

3-How did you verify and cite the information you found?

Every time I read I website, before considering the information I would research the author of the website. I wanted to see if the had a career that was linked to the topic of the article. I used bibme.com to cite my information and manually added what bibme couldn’t detect.

4-How did the process of completing this challenge go? What could you have done better?

This method obviously takes way more time than just searching up a website and using the first bit of information you find. Even though it’s slower, I think it’s worth taking the time to make sure that the information that you use is valid and credible. Because of this method, I know that what I researched is 100% valid. I think that I could have pushed myself a bit more out of my comfort zone when searching for websites. All my websites are credible but that’s because they are all branches of nasa. 2 of my sites are written by the same person because it is around the same category. For my next info-project, I will try to use a bigger variety of websites.



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