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Date: Tuesday,  January 15th 

Lit Circle Individual Project(Letter Exchange): 

By: Viktor Van Schaardenburg-Zizka


Idea: Apology letter from Ty to Alyse and her response. (Takes place right before Alyse takes back Ty at the end of the book) 

From: Ty 

To: Alyse 

Hey Alyse, I hope you doing well. I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a long time. My life’s been going down to scrap lately. Without Sonny, my life’s been dumb empty. I been rethinking things and I realized one thing. The only thing I still care about is you.  I’m mad tight cause of you Alyse. Ever since we stopped hangin, I ain’t got no purpose. You woulda thought that my only priority was selling but ever since you grilled me at the hospital, the hood’s been rough. My dad ain’t gonna like what I’m doing but he ain’t gonna kill his own son.  Alyse, real talk, I ain’t selling anymore. It just ain’t worth letting go of you. I go to a new school now and I’ve been keeping my grades up. The only class I ain’t doing fine in is english but you can probably tell that from this letter. Anyways, I wanna come back to sheepshead. After talking to the dean, he said I could come back in September. I been cleaning myself up and I’m living with my mom again. Life is so much calmer now. No one wanna snuff me anymore. I just a normal kid living a normal life. Like I said, I stopped dealing and don’t worry, I ain’t going back. I’m writing you this letter cause I miss you Alyse. I wanna go back to what we were before. 

I’m sorry, 



Idea: Alyse’s response to Ty’s letter. 

From: Alyse 

To: Ty 

Hey Ty, I’ve been okay for the past few months. Gavin is happier than ever. He helps me at home and it looks like he’s going to become the man of the home. It took me a few months to get back to my regular life. I tried to get over you but I couldn’t and I can’t. I tried to forget about you. Monfrey came to see me. He told me how you helped him when he was hooked. He also told me how you cleaned yourself up. Ty, you hurt me last time. I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I’m not sure if I can believe you. You put me and my son in danger but I still think you’re a good person. I now understand why you didn’t want to take me to the knicks game. You still have good in you and hopefully, you gave the bad away when you stopped selling. These past few years, I’ve learned that life is all about decisions. You make the right ones you end up great. You make bad ones, you end up in sheepshead but the thing that really matters is how you chose to rectify those decisions. I believe in you Ty. I want you to come back and become a part of my everyday life. I’ll give you a second chance as long as you know that there won’t be a third. 



When reading these letters, put the theme in consideration. The theme reflected in the letters is: the ability of changing someone for the better. In this case, Alyse is changing Ty’s life. As we can see from this letter, Ty stopped everything he had going, for Alyse. He disappointed his dad for not selling, but all the things he stopped doing were for the better and that’s how Alyse used the ability of changing Ty for the better. In the letter exchange you can link the theme and understand the conflict between the two characters(How Ty betrayed Alyse). To do this, I put my mind in the perspective of both characters. 

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