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Tyrone Johnson, a kid that behaves like an adult. Tyrone Johnson is the main protagonist of a book Street Pharm written by Allison Van Diepen. Because the novel is written in first person, we are able to clearly determine Ty’s motivations, personalities and emotions. Ty takes over the drug business of his jailed father at a very young age which forces him to become smart and independent. Even though Ty runs a cartel business, he is still a real person with normal qualities. I think Ty is a clever, caring and ambitious person. 

Ty has been able to survive several years as a cartel owner because of his cleverness. The best example would be when “A car came around the corner, a little too slow. Without thinking, I hit the pavement. Shots cut through the air above me. My body went into overdrive. Rolling twice, I dove behind a mess of trash cans, covering my head as bullets ricocheted off metal.” p.177 This is a perfect example. Ty would have died without his quick thought of diving behind trash cans. Because of that clever act, Ty was able to come out of the driveby alive.

Ty is not the rough and tuff person that we picture in our minds when thinking of a drug dealer. He is a very caring person. “I was tempted, real tempted, to keep her believing in me. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her. But she had to stay away from me. And I was tired of playing her this way.” p.194 Ty was really happy with Alyse as his girlfriend. He described they’re relationship as something that can’t go away. Ty had fallen in love with Alyse. This passage shows how caring Ty. He is willing to end his relationship with Alyse to keep her away from danger.  Unlike most drug dealers,  Ty isn’t greedy.

Ambition is also one of Ty’s many traits. He strives for success and that’s why he’s able to run a cartel at 17 years old. Ty stole the book called The Art of War written by a Chinese militant a long time ago. He used the book to write his own personal code starting with “1.Know you enemies. Understand them. Figure out their next move before they do.  2. Never show weakness.  3. Rely on number one, no one else.  4. Control your physical instincts. Don’t let anybody pressure you into sex or into a fight unless you’re in control of the situation.” pg.24 In junior high, Ty was able to make and follow a personal code. He made his personal code to stop anything distracting him from success. The only problem with this is that he wants to succeed as a drug dealer.

Ty has many other qualities but in my opinion, these three character traits are the ones that define him as a person.  As the story became closer to the end, Ty started to change his priorities. He realized that having Alyse was more important than his dad’s cartel business. Tyrone has been able to survive because of his cleverness. He was able to have nice and loyal friends because he’s caring. Lastly, Ty’s going to be successful at whatever he does because of his ambition.

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