The Friday Everything Changed Comic

Project description:

In my english class, I read a short story written by Anne Hart called the Friday Everything Changed. For my COL class, I had to make a comic version of the story using the key moments in the plot. I had to chose 8 different sections of the story. Those 8 sections in the plot had to be converted into illustrations to make my comic.

Brief summary:

The Friday Everything Changed takes place in a small town school. The main character, Alma, wants to change the tradition of the school. The boys had the task of bringing in water from a railway station to the school. The task filled them with pride. When Alma tried to change the tradition by asking the teacher if the girls could carry the water, she encountered many problems. The main problem was how the boys treated her. The boys wouldn’t let the girls play baseball. In result, ms.Rulston(the teacher of their class) challenged the boys to a quick match. She was able to hit a home run which showed the boys that girls are just as capable as boys.

The friday everThe Friday Pt2

One thought on “The Friday Everything Changed Comic”

  1. Thank you for posting your “Graphic Novel” project taking one source of media and transferring it into a new piece of media using your creative perspective. Below are some observations about your post:

    – Excellent use of the software (ToonDoo) to retell the story
    – Grammar and spelling errors are frequent (English is capitalized, so is Ms. Rulston)
    – Looks like a professional graphic novel
    – You embedded this properly on your Edublog
    – Solid reflection that shows you learnt while doing this project!

    Overall, I think you did an outstanding job with the technology!

    Mr. Barazzuol
    (COL-ADL10 Teacher)

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