Was it really nature’s fault for Dave Conroy’s problems? In the short story “A Mountain Journey by Howard O’Hagan”, we encounter a brave and lonely man name Dave Conroy. He is a trapper travelling in the cold and snowy forest to get animal fur. He spends weeks in the forest, and near the end of his journey, he encounters several problems. Dave Conroy’s thoughts, actions and emotions are the real reasons that he had to face his problems. Dave Conroy got into to trouble because of his impatience. He was so sure of himself, that he passed by several good ideas which led him to bad.” He thought that if he had waited another two weeks to come out, the snow would have had a crust for travelling, the days would have been longer, the cold less severe.” (p.92). Another example would be: “He knew what he should do. He should stop, make a fire, dry his hands and feet, change his socks and mittens. But it was late.”(p.94). These quotes clearly indicate that some thought or emotion in his mind overruled his judgement. In this case it’s impatience. He was not patient enough to wait 2 weeks or even stop to make a fire and dry himself after falling into the small water stream. Dave Conroy was also a very prideful man. In these quotes, you can infer that he is very prideful. He always thinks that he’s invincible even though  “the pain in his shoulders was the only reality of his existence”(p.95). Dave Conroy led himself to his situation because he was too sure of himself, he had too much pride and he was too impatient. That is why Dave Conroy got stuck in the snow that night. 

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