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Twenty Seconds Away from Death: 

            I was struggling under water and couldn’t find the one thing that could help me, my regulator. In the month of august 2014, I was going diving for my sixth time. I felt so confident and so sure, I believed I was invincible. The morning of the dive, we got onto a boat to take us to a wreck dive called Astron. The sky was blue with a few white clouds and the water even clearer then the bright blue sky. We were fifteen meters above the sand, floating on the surface of the sea. My sister and I got ready and put all our equipment on. Our instructor helped us slide off the rim of the boat and into the water. Later, our instructor Xavier signalled the descent. Down we went until we approached the wavy sand brushing back and forth because of the current. The corals were gleaming of all the colours you could possibly imagine. We started heading for the wreck. The ship was orange in rust and broken down into at least 20 parts. Without seeing the propeller we wouldn’t even be able to identify it as a boat. There was a small passage way through the main engine room. My sister and the instructor were able to get into the engine room. The second we got into the boat, the Caribbean sun stopped shining down on us. As we got in we were able to see the light rays penetrating through the cracks of the boat and into the engine room. The dive was called a wreck but only a small part was about the boat. We swam for several minutes and I was starting to get board. My sister was in front of me and my instructor in the back. I started letting go of my regulator and picking it back up to take another breath. I was doing it for several minutes. Taking a breath, then letting go of my regulator until I needed to take a breath again. One time didn’t go as planned. The regulator was dangling a few feet below me as I turned left my regulator cord got caught in my tank. I couldn’t find my regulator so I started to panic. I was frozen in freight and could not move or think. Thirty seconds since my last breath, I started to ask my sister to get it for me. She couldn’t understand anything as I was signalling and abruptly moving my arms trying to tell her. It was about fifty seconds from my last breath and I had no more air and I was breathing in and out without opening my mouth. The used air in my mouth coming in and out so rapidly that my mouth was as dry as the white beach a few kilometres away. I heard a Cling behind me and when I turned around, my instructor was giving me the mouthpiece. Instantly, we returned to the boat. While returning to the boat, my mask was very slowly getting filed with water because tears were dripping down my face. Arrived in the boat, the instructor started the engine and we returned to land. That was the last dive of my vacation and the last time I played with my regulator until now. 

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