What is new media?

What is new media?

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New media is a place where people can communicate, connect and express themselves in many different ways such as through social media, emails, video gaming, ebooks, etc. It is also known as web 2.0, or the new generation of traditional media. Rather someone is working and they want to stream some music to listen to, or they want to message their friends through social media, it is available anytime. New media allows two ways interaction and communication instead of one way. During the day, people consume a lot of new, and different kinds of media for different purposes, consuming media is fragmented and could even turn into an addiction if they spend too much time on it. However, it really depends on how people actually use it and consume it. One way everyone should do to check if they are consuming credible media is by checking the URL. If the url starts with https and ends with edu, it is secure and for educational purposes. Another way is that always do enough researches instead of only consuming from one medium, which some information might not be reliable, biased or false, “must double check the information on a few different web pages”(Bedley 2017).  Or they could just use common sense, ask themselves if the photos and informations seem real? Does the sources they were using seem crediable?




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