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SCIENCE 9 – Explore the Field

SCIENCE 9 Valeria O’Brien Explore the Field How can we help the people in Yemen with their electricity situation? This question is important to me and others because some of us have gone through similar situations, so we kind of… Continue Reading →

Personal Health and Wellness Unit 2 – Core Competency

Currents from the Kitchen – Results

Banana – 0.2 volts:   Dragonfruit – 0.1 volts: Orange – 0.3 volts: Potato – 0.3 volts: Apple – 0.35 volts: Lime – 0.25 volts: The apple had the largest amount of volts, I predicted that the banana would have… Continue Reading →

Currents from the Kitchen

Which fruit will produce the most electric voltage? Why? Hypothesis: I think that the fruit that’ll produce the most electric voltage is a banana because it’s bigger/longer than other fruits and it will allow more electrons to flow through it…. Continue Reading →

Hero Infographic – Cultural Projections Project

Below is my English 9 Cultural Projections project, I chose Spider-man and found ways he was culturally connected to the era he was created in.

SCIENCE 9 – Electricity Mind Map

  For this assignment I created a mind map that shows everything I know about electricity, and after I put all of my thoughts and ideas into it, I was left with a few questions and topics I’d like to… Continue Reading →

ENGLISH 9 – Interpreting Grendel

Grendel, the demon/monster that Beowulf has to defeat to save Herot was interpreted by me in these drawings: Grendel was described as a demon with claws, that was able to easily devour people by snatching them up. So I drew… Continue Reading →

COL 10 – Community Connection

For this project we were given the choice of interviewing someone with a job that interested us. Our task was to reach out to them and ask them a few questions about their job and experience; we made connections with… Continue Reading →

SCIENCE 9 – Safety Story

English 9 – Soundtrack of Your Life

I Got A Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas This song reminds me of my dad because every time it came on the radio, he would always turn it all the way up and sing along to it. He loves… Continue Reading →

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