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How can we help the people in Yemen with their electricity situation?
This question is important to me and others because some of us have gone through similar situations, so we kind of have an idea of what some of it is like. We feel the need to participate and do something about this so other people don’t have to suffer like they do every day. It’s important to know what’s going on in other areas in the world, and it’s also important to act to try and help them. The people of Yemen have a very serious electricity issue that we don’t have here, and we think we can find a way to help some of them so it’s not as bad.

Three Quality Sources

1. Title: In electricity-starved Yemen, it’s always a race for power
Author/Person Name: Farea Al Muslimi
Source of Information: The National
The now very common power black outs are affecting the lives of many people in Yemen in many ways; little things like calling an old friend on the phone and watching the quick morning news have become very difficult things to do there. Access to electricity in Yemen is so rare that the citizens’ lives now revolve around having it and being able to use it when they need it. In addition, the amount of the people living there is much greater than the amount of power produced for all of them so most of them don’t even have access to any electricity at all.

2. Title: 1.3 Billion are Living in the Dark
Author/Person Name: Todd Lindeman
Source of Information: The Washington Post
Yemen is the country in the Middle East that has the most people lacking electricity, with almost 80% of them living there. They’re so starved of electricity that the Washington Post referred to it as “a country plagued with prolonged power outages”, that’s reality for most people living there. More than half of the population in Yemen does not have access to electricity, 13.8 million people out of 24.9 million, that’s 56% of the population living their every day lives like this.

3. Title: No Power, No Fuel, No Water, No Food. That’s Yemen Right Now
Author/Person Name: Stephen Snyder
Source of Information: PRI’s The World
Yemen is in severe poverty, the people living there struggle to find basic needs like water, food, fuel, and electricity. One of the biggest problems is not having electricity, because with electricity it’s much easier to get everything else. One reason why they don’t have electricity is because the Saudi bombing campaign has destroyed most of Yemen’s power transmission lines that they need to get the electricity flowing to different places. Another reason for Yemen’s lack of electricity is the fact that its oil pipelines keep being messed with, which result in a very low amount of fuel supplies (the fuel is for the backup generators they use for electricity).


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3. Snyder, Stephen. “No Power, No Fuel, No Water, No Food. That’s Yemen Right Now.” Public Radio International, 16 Apr. 2015,

Exploration Paragraph

By listing some questions about my topic on helping Yemen, I am bringing myself and my group closer to a good solution to the problem. I can research what I don’t know so I can learn and better understand the situation and what the needs of the people of Yemen are. That way we become experts on the subject and all we will need is supplies and support from others to really be able to reach out and help. The research I did for this topic helps me answer my essential question by finding answers to my critical questions, and then eventually answering the essential question since I know so much more about the causes and solutions to the problem. I can use what I learned from my research and apply that to my essential question, which will not only answer it, but it will also help me create connections between the different facts and really become an expert on this topic.

Information Fluency Questions

1. What’s the Situation with Electricity in Yemen?
2. What % of People in Yemen Lack Access to Electricity?
3. What Are the Causes of These Problems?

For this project I used many digital tools, some of them I had already used, like Word, and Google. Others were new to me like Pexels, and Creative Commons.

I used a website called EasyBib that helped me cite all the websites and articles I used in this project. I also verified that the information I wrote down was true by making sure I wasn’t on any sketchy websites.

The process of completing this challenge was straight forward, I came up with a few questions and found answers to them by researching and putting lots of effort into making sure everything made sense and is true. Something I could’ve done better was the way I took notes because some of them are messy and don’t make sense, but in the end I did write solid paragraphs for each critical question.