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Science self assessment


Science 9 self assement


Inquiry project self-assessment

Finding Yourself in Fiction

In Ms. Chapell’s English 9 class, I read the novel “The Absolute True Diary OF A Part-Time Indian ” by Sherman Alexie.



Assignment #1

 My artifact of self-discovery!




C: I use my computer a lot to communicate with my friends that I have made at my other schools. This can be through Skype or Discord or even some online games.


C: When I am on my computer I know that I must be respectful and not say something that could be thought of as mean or rude or even swearing.

My dad always says that what you put in print can never be taken back so think before typing or speaking.


T: Ways that I could continue to develop are – talking in groups to exchange ideas, public speaking.


T: My artifact allows me to think and get my thoughts captured.

Learning how to use speech to text software might help me capture my thoughts quicker.


PS: I use my artifact to reach out and engage in playing games and hanging out with my friends.


PS: I could look at using my artifact to create online blogs or social activities that would bring people together to do some community work.

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