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Take your kid to work day

Name of Host: Pam Hadikin Herrmann

Relation to me: Mom

  1. What is your job title: Kindergarten teacher
  2. What is your job description: Teaches kids
  3. What are the duties and/or tasks you perform at your job: Teaching kids
  4. What are qualifications needed for your job: Teaching degree, Teacher training
  5. What are some things you like about the job: Your teach people information
  6. What are some things you dislike about the job: Some kids don’t listen to you

Student reflection

  1. It is fun, you can do fun stuff, you can have fun
  2. You need to deal with children, Sometimes they don’t listen, Children can be frustrating
  3. No, I don’t like being physical
  4. It is important because you learn what is like to be at a job.

Different types of income

  • Hourly wage: Construction Worker, Dental Assistant, Financial Clerk
  • Piecework: Bike Assembler, Assembly Technician, BBQ Assemblers
  • Commission: Medical-device sales, Outsourced services, Software sales
  • Salary: Teacher, Doctor, Surgeon.

What would you prefer to be paid by?

I prefer to be paid a salary because say you need to leave for an hour you would still get paid for that hour and you only haft to work a certain amount of time.

Math Scavenger Hunt

An Acute angle (The angle is less than 90°)

A 4 sided image (The electrical cover has 4 sides)

A cylinder (is a 3d circle)

parallel lines (the top and bottom of the board are parallel)

Perpendicular lines (The lines meet at a 90° angle)

It is an equal sign

What I learned about my digital footprint

My digital footprint


Getting a job



My digital footprint would help me getting a job because it shows how hardworking I am. I could be contacted by companies for advertising.

Some strategies to keep your digital footprint appropriate.

Think before you post, do I need to post this?

Should I use my real name when I make an account?

How could what I post affect me in the future?

Some information that I learned / How would I tell others about it

Nomader what you set to private it would always seep through the cracks. Watch what you post. I would tell other students in a powerpoint format.




[Pictures: Uni Interview”, by Alex France, “you’re hired”, by pixabay.com, “Interviews”, by David Davies, “(Too much) Thinking”, by the Italian voice, “Classroom”, by Steven Brewer, “Weekend office”, by Dylan Tweney.]

Tallest tower

September 7, 2017

The first day of math class of the year and made the biggest tower 57cm tall


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