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Different types of income

  • Hourly wage: Construction Worker, Dental Assistant, Financial Clerk
  • Piecework: Bike Assembler, Assembly Technician, BBQ Assemblers
  • Commission: Medical-device sales, Outsourced services, Software sales
  • Salary: Teacher, Doctor, Surgeon.

What would you prefer to be paid by?

I prefer to be paid a salary because say you need to leave for an hour you would still get paid for that hour and you only haft to work a certain amount of time.

Math Scavenger Hunt

An Acute angle (The angle is less than 90°)

A 4 sided image (The electrical cover has 4 sides)

A cylinder (is a 3d circle)

parallel lines (the top and bottom of the board are parallel)

Perpendicular lines (The lines meet at a 90° angle)

It is an equal sign

What I learned about my digital footprint

My digital footprint


Getting a job



My digital footprint would help me getting a job because it shows how hardworking I am. I could be contacted by companies for advertising.

Some strategies to keep your digital footprint appropriate.

Think before you post, do I need to post this?

Should I use my real name when I make an account?

How could what I post affect me in the future?

Some information that I learned / How would I tell others about it

Nomader what you set to private it would always seep through the cracks. Watch what you post. I would tell other students in a powerpoint format.




[Pictures: Uni Interview”, by Alex France, “you’re hired”, by pixabay.com, “Interviews”, by David Davies, “(Too much) Thinking”, by the Italian voice, “Classroom”, by Steven Brewer, “Weekend office”, by Dylan Tweney.]

Tallest tower

September 7, 2017

The first day of math class of the year and made the biggest tower 57cm tall


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