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Currents from the Kitchen part 2


  • The onion was the worst
  • The mango gave the most amount


  1. Mango 0.6
  2. lemon 0.31
  3. Green apple 0.275
  4. orange 0.25
  5. onion 0.20


No, my hypothesis was not correct because the one that generated the most electricity was the mango. What if we had vegetables along side different fruit.

Electricity mind map


  1. What are ways you can make energy?
  2. Can we make infinite energy?
  3. What is the best conductor?
  4. How much energy do we use in a day?


Currents from the Kitchen

Purpose: To see what fruit generates the most charge

Hypostasis: I think the best generator would be a lemon.

Materials: Fruit, Voltmeter, 2 wires, 2 different metals (Copper/zinc) and knife.


  1. Cur the fruit
  2. put in 2 pieces of metal
  3. Attach the voltmeter
  4. record the results
  5. compare results for several pieces of fruit.


Poco-opolis 500

(A science lab about static electricity)


Science 9 self assement


Solution Fluency

Define: The challenge is to think of a solution to climate change

Discover: What has been done about climate change, The Kyoto Treaty & International Summits, The Big Ask, The Government’s Climate Change Bill and New Challenges for Combating Climate Change. What is being done about climate change, Some are focusing on curbing deforestation and boosting renewable energy sources.

Dream: Use more renewable energy, be energy efficient, use an electric or push mower instead of a gasoline-powered mower to cut your lawn, replace your current home appliances with high-efficiency models, replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, install a solar heated system to provide your hot water, purchase a electric car, carpool/ take public transit.


Debrief: Don’t drive gas cars or if you do make sure you car pool

Scientist connection

Reflection: It was a good project to do to help people. I enjoyed doing the Google Sketchup.

Core Competencies

Climate change project

This is a Science video project about climate change

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