Video Worksheet

  • How long is the Akashi Kaikyo Suspension Bridge? (1 mark)


  • The Akashi Kaikyo owes its engineering greatness to seven previous inventions. What are each of those inventions? Name the bridge and its innovation that eventually contributed to the construction of the Akashi Kaikyo. (2 marks each)
    • Iron Bridge 30m (First major bridge made out of Cast iron)
    • Menai Bridge 177m (The first modern suspension bridge)
    • Niagara falls bridge 250m (First working railway suspension bridge) (It connected Canada and the USA)
    • Brooklyn bridge 486m (Fist steal wire suspension bridge)
    • Golden gate bridge 1280m (In 1937 it was the tallest and longest suspension bridge)
    • Verrazano narrows bridge 1298m (Longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere)
    • Akashi kaikyo bridge 1991m (in 1998 it had the longest central span of any suspension bridge)