sea devil questions

  1. Why does the man fish by night?
  • The man liked to fish by night because he liked to cast alone and found it very different from what they did in the 20th This leads to the conflict because he is unable to see what he is catching when its dark and quiet outside. The significance is that he does not fish for a living he fishes for fun.
  1. Identify 3 examples of foreshadowing?
  • An example of foreshadowing was when he slipped the knot over his wrists.
  • Another example of foreshadowing was when the man mentioned he let the baby porpoise go.
  • The third and final example of foreshadowing was when the author said “he looked closely to make sure no stingray was hidden in the mesh”.
  1. Identify the following parts of the parts plot: the complicating incident/ a single crisis/ the climax, the resolution and the ending
  • The complicating incident: The man wasn’t going to cast anything until he saw two or three mullets together in a group.
  • A single crisis: Was when the man realized that he had caught a sea devil instead of some mullets.
  • The climax: When the ray swam quickly and he made the choice to cut the rope, his plan worked out in the end.
  • The resolution: The man decided to let the mullet go and he would never go casting at night alone.
  • The ending: The ending is a happy ending because he was saved and realized that he cannot fish at night alone.
  1. One of the conflicts is between the civilized and primitive world (define these two words first). What is the purpose of the references made to the plane, the causeway, and the man’s wife at home?

Civilized world is where everyone is living and everything’s modern and developed.

Primitive world is where its only the natural aspects of earth and nature.

The conflict against the civilized world and primitive world is that the man against the ray and the darkness of the primitive world. The references of the planes and causeway were a sign or symbol to show that humans have accomplished a lot. The planes were to show how or that we can float through the air to travel the world, and the lights near the causeway is to overcome the struggles and things that are harder of the darkness. Now the man’s wife that had been sitting in her house is to show that mankind or the community is that it stays protected, warm, and entertained during the night.

  1. What does the man learn at the end of the story? Why does he release the mullet?

At the end of the story the man learns how it feels to not be the hunter and how to be the prey. The man had decided to release the mullet.


  1. Find 3 examples of descriptive language – this will lead into a discussion of figurative language.                                                                                                                   
  2. Personification – “the good, rough, honest wood”
  3. simile – “a great horned thing shot like a huge bat of of the water”
  4. figurative language – “he saw the mullet he had just caught, gasping its life away on the floor boards of the skiff.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


  1. sullen – bad-tempered and sulky; gloomy.
  2. weltering – move in a turbulent fashion
  3. elemental – related to or embodying the powers of nature
  4. sinewy – consisting of or resembling sinews
  5. hoisted – raise (something) by means of ropes and pulleys
  6. phosphorescence – light emitted by a substance without combustion or perceptible heat
  7. cordage – cords or ropes, especially in a ship’s rigging.
  8. exhilaration – a feeling of excitement, happiness, or elation.
  9. atavistic – relating to or characterized by reversion to something ancient or ancestral
  10. centrifugal – moving or tending to move away from a center.
  11. gauntly – extremely thin and bony; haggard and drawn, as from great hunger, weariness, or torture; emaciated.
  12. impeding – delay or prevent (someone or something) by obstructing them; hinder.
  13. tenaciously – with a firm hold of something; closely.
  14. respite – a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.
  15. equilibrium – a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced
  16. imminent – about to happen


A Mountain Journey Questions


  1.  What was Dave Conroy doing out in the wilderness?                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dave Conroy is a trapper and he was on a six-week trapping session. Over those six weeks Dave undergoes natures true abilities, cold freezing weather and many other circumstances and he is driven to prove he can power through this weather
  2. At what point does the reader know the protagonist is in serious trouble and not likely to make it to MacMoran’s cabin?                                                                                                       When Dave realizes that the cabin has been burnt down, and he couldn’t open his lighter because his fingers were freezing and to cold to use his hands for their functions.
  3. What three critical mistakes did Conroy make? What are some of the things he could have done to prevent himself from freezing                                                                                      The three main mistakes he makes are: He doesn’t stop at the first tree. This was very impactful because, the rest would’ve given him the ability to reset and relax. He did not rest which caused many mistakes.  He did not set up camp and change clothes after falling into the river which could have prevented his hands from freezing when he tried to open his lighter. And finally, if he was trapping in March the weather wouldn’t have been as cold.
  4. Determine the elements of plot in this story: exposition, complicating incident, 3 crises, climax, and the denouement?                                                                                                     The first complicating incident is when he decides not to camp out and rest under the tree which could have prevented himself from making poor decisions. The first rising action is when Dave is coming down the hill on his skis and he falls into the river, this is important because cold weather mixed with cold water can lead to freezing.  The second rising action is when Dave finds out that the cabin has been burnt down, and he couldn’t stop it because his hands were freezing cold and he could barely move his fingers. The third and last rising action is when Dave makes one last effort on making it to another cabin 18 miles away, he drops his pack of furs on the ground and pushes onward. The climax is when Dave falls over into the snow and starts to hallucinate
  5. Describe the setting – how does the setting affect the plot and the theme of the story ?                                                                                                                                                              North Alberta in the mountains. Snowy weather
  6.  Find one example of symbolic setting ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Dave refuses to camp out because of this promise of a warm cabin at the end of the five miles, but when he arrives, his cabin is burnt down
  7. Quote four images from the story that make effective comparisons ?                                                                                                                                                                                                     “His fire slept with him” pg 95  “That tree, like a strong and lonely woman, called to his wary body to stop” pg 92


  1. Eternal: Long lasting; forever
  2. Immobility: Unable to move
  3. Opaque: Can’t see through; solid
  4. Reverberation: A sound
  5. Momentum: a force that keeps you going after you stop
  6. Cadaverous: Pale
  7. Congregated: group of things
  8. Inundation: panic
  9. Beggared: poor/weak
  10. Filched: dig or fishing something out

Feminism/Gender Inequality

“When I went in to give my application, the older lady said, ‘This is no kind of job for a woman.’”
When I was 14 I was applying for a job at a place that builds lawn chairs. From the time I was little I was always my Dad’s sidekick and he is a contractor, so I knew exactly how to do this kind of work. When I went in to give my application the older lady that was the manager, she said, “This is no kind of job for a woman.” That is when I proceeded to notify her I had previous experience and she completely dismissed me. The thing that stung the most was it was a fellow woman who dismissed me.
—Savannah Snow (Facebook)


This article is a perfect example of gender inequality. Just because she is a girl, she isn’t allowed to work at a job of her choice? instead of working at a job she is eligible and has the right experience to work their, she doesnt get the job because she is a female. This is why I chose this article to talk about.

How does this relate to- The Friday Everything Changed. I agree generally this job doesnt have women working their just like how the boys always carry the water bucket. That doesn’t mean women cant work their/carry the water bucket.



The Friday Everything Changed Short Story Summary Questions

Tryston.H The Friday Everything Changed 2019-09-23

1. Because they think the boys are the strongest.
2. They exclude them, throw things at them, ruin their stackings pull the girls hair and the boys bully the girls. The girls stick up for each other (stand up to the bullies)
3. I am not 100% sure
She doesn’t care who carries the bucket of water
1st person
4. A older school in a third world country (small town school)
Everything that the girls get/receives, it gives the boys something to take away from them
Person vs society. The boys bully the girls in a big group therefore, Society= the group of boys, person= the girls
5. The girl who stood up for all the girls
Because she and the other girls stand up against the bullies and prove they can be just as good as the boys
6. The girls did not like the routine because it is not equal, so she tries to stand up for the other girls

Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is more then what you think it is. To have a good digital footprint is crucial into getting the job you want. But if you have a bad digital footprint that could be very costly in the future if you are applying for a job. If you have inappropriate things or just about anything that is negative takes an impact on your chances of getting hired. So you should be very aware on what you say online and who you say it to. Another reason why to have a good and clean digital footprint is for yourself/personal reasons. If your friends or peers find out you have something bad that you did in the past(example: they find pictures of you drinking underage) your friends will think of you differently and maybe they will shy away from you because of those awful things you did in the past online.

See the source image

When I searched myself up nothing really came up except for a couple old pictures of me and a picture with my old baseball team and a couple websites with my hockey and baseball stats from different tournaments and games. I am glad I found these things because it makes it seem like I am very active, athletic, good with others and I am committed. See the source image


To make sure you keep your digital footprint clean and positive you should. 1. watch the pictures/texts/videos you send to other people. Often times the things you say are a big impact and it will most likely be used against you, so watch what you send to your friends/family members etc. 2. Social media!! On social media you should watch what you post on Facebook/twitter/Instagram etc. Why should you watch what you post? If you post one wrong picture something that you shouldn’t be doing, people will get the wrong idea about you and your boss can type in your name and the first thing he sees are your posts and you definitely don’t want your boss looking at that big mistake you made by uploading that picture, to the public. 3. search yourself. Include your first and last name and make sure you check spelling. Find something about yourself online you don’t like and wish it would go away? If it was posted by a friend or not try contacting him or the site administrator and advise them to take the picture/article down.See the source image


I learned that I need to be aware that the texts I send between friends and family can be used against me and I need to watch the things I say. I feel like my fellow students, friends and family members should be aware about your digital footprint. I will show them the many articles about people being fired because of what their bosses saw online. Many peoples life gets jeopardized if they do not have a clean and safe digital footprint. See the source image




So before you send that picture/text or even before you post that inappropriate picture. Think twice and make double sure it is friendly and it wont get you in trouble. A clean digital footprint can lead to many good opportunities in the future
















_Rapid Nation_

I am excited about joining riverside to meet new people and getting involved with my school by joining or participating in school activities such as clubs and school sports. I am also excited to learn digitally instead of learning through a textbook.