A Mountain Journey Questions


  1.  What was Dave Conroy doing out in the wilderness?                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dave Conroy is a trapper and he was on a six-week trapping session. Over those six weeks Dave undergoes natures true abilities, cold freezing weather and many other circumstances and he is driven to prove he can power through this weather
  2. At what point does the reader know the protagonist is in serious trouble and not likely to make it to MacMoran’s cabin?                                                                                                       When Dave realizes that the cabin has been burnt down, and he couldn’t open his lighter because his fingers were freezing and to cold to use his hands for their functions.
  3. What three critical mistakes did Conroy make? What are some of the things he could have done to prevent himself from freezing                                                                                      The three main mistakes he makes are: He doesn’t stop at the first tree. This was very impactful because, the rest would’ve given him the ability to reset and relax. He did not rest which caused many mistakes.  He did not set up camp and change clothes after falling into the river which could have prevented his hands from freezing when he tried to open his lighter. And finally, if he was trapping in March the weather wouldn’t have been as cold.
  4. Determine the elements of plot in this story: exposition, complicating incident, 3 crises, climax, and the denouement?                                                                                                     The first complicating incident is when he decides not to camp out and rest under the tree which could have prevented himself from making poor decisions. The first rising action is when Dave is coming down the hill on his skis and he falls into the river, this is important because cold weather mixed with cold water can lead to freezing.  The second rising action is when Dave finds out that the cabin has been burnt down, and he couldn’t stop it because his hands were freezing cold and he could barely move his fingers. The third and last rising action is when Dave makes one last effort on making it to another cabin 18 miles away, he drops his pack of furs on the ground and pushes onward. The climax is when Dave falls over into the snow and starts to hallucinate
  5. Describe the setting – how does the setting affect the plot and the theme of the story ?                                                                                                                                                              North Alberta in the mountains. Snowy weather
  6.  Find one example of symbolic setting ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Dave refuses to camp out because of this promise of a warm cabin at the end of the five miles, but when he arrives, his cabin is burnt down
  7. Quote four images from the story that make effective comparisons ?                                                                                                                                                                                                     “His fire slept with him” pg 95  “That tree, like a strong and lonely woman, called to his wary body to stop” pg 92


  1. Eternal: Long lasting; forever
  2. Immobility: Unable to move
  3. Opaque: Can’t see through; solid
  4. Reverberation: A sound
  5. Momentum: a force that keeps you going after you stop
  6. Cadaverous: Pale
  7. Congregated: group of things
  8. Inundation: panic
  9. Beggared: poor/weak
  10. Filched: dig or fishing something out

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