The Difficult Decision


At the local pho ninety-nine, there was a boy and a mom sitting in a booth enjoying their meals. After the meal is finished, the mother pulls out six twenty dollar bills. “I need you to fill up the tank” She said. “Okay” the boy said. “But I want you to put regular gas in it instead of premium” she ordered. “That doesn’t make sense” he said, “it’s a premium gas car”. “Yes” she said, “but I want you to put regular”. The boy, who was very confused, took the cash and the air miles’ card and put it in his pocket. Whilst driving home, the windows in their car start fogging up and then the boy couldn’t see. The mother then started yelling, “Watch out!”. The boy swerved out of the way of a curb and then the windscreen finally became clear. Throughout the drive home, the boy and the mom argued over who should really be driving. After dropping off his mom at their house, he went on his way to pick up his brother from his soccer practice. With music blaring and the bass bumping, he made his way to Gates Park, a park with multiple soccer fields and three baseball diamonds. Before making his way there, he decided to go to the shell first instead of picking up his brother first. Once pulling up to his usual spot, pump eight, he stopped his car and pulled the keys out of the ignition. While walking to the cashier inside the convenience store, he said to himself, “why am I buying regular gas for? This is just stupid”. Once he entered, the cashier motioned him to come to the counter. “Hello” he said. “Hi” said the boy, “can I get one twenty on pump eight?”. “Sure can!” the cashier exclaimed. “Receipt?” the cashier asked. The boy shook his head. While walking out to his car, he noticed that someone parked behind him.  Once he was at the stand that showed which type of gas to click, he looked over to see a man with his own B.M.W. Going through his head, he was wondering if the man would say anything if he clicked regular or if he should just click the premium, go away from his mom’s orders, and skip the small talk with the man. The boy stood there for a minute before the man asked, “You alright son?”. “um yeah, I’m fine” he told the man as he clicked regular. “Clearly not.” He said, “I’m going to go tell the cashier if he can change that for you.” “n-n-no” the boy stuttered, “my mom told me to put regular in”. The man dazed and confused, “But your car is a B.M.W. you need premium gas.” He argued. The boy told him what had happened earlier and the man said, “Okay if your mom told you so”. The boy then opened his gas cap and put the pump in. While filling up the tank, he felt something moving in his gut. “it just doesn’t feel right” he said to himself. After filling the tank, all eighty-five litres, he decided to go pick up his brother from his soccer practice. Once he was on the road, he felt as if the car felt weird in a way, less powerful then what it usually could produce. Turning down the street and flooring it, he was sure of it that his car was less powerful. Once he picked his brother up and drove home, bass bumping and music blaring, he reversed his car into the driveway and shut it off.

The difficult decision (September 14th)

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