The following is a monologue that was created for Happy, a character in “Death of a Salesman”.

This is a monologue because he is showing his thoughts to Biff, it is also long and uninterrupted

This monologue would fit in the plot when he is talking to Biff about what they want to do. because it shows how Happy if feeling about his family and his life, through past and present.

Happy: I am the youngest in the family. All the women adore me, but I can never find the right one for me, maybe it is because I can never back up my made-up stories to woo them. I feel alone. my apartment isn’t for just one person. My car and the women don’t satisfy me and thats all I think about. I love my family, I have always looked up to Biff and always tried to get my father’s attention, but now, I am embarrassed of my father, I never know what he’s going to do next. I always assume that my families doing well without having to check in on them, even though they are struggling. I know that I’m strong and I can box even though I’m not credited for it. I can’t stand authority towards any of the customers, it drives me nuts. 

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