K. Smith or “Smitty’’, is a hangman in the story, “Two Fishermen” by Morley Callaghan. Smitty is a short man with a birdlike neck and a big head. He is also aged between 40-50 years old and has a family with five children and a wife. Smitty is a shy man, but wants to find new friends as he can’t find many. Smitty also does not like to know his victims, “’No. I don’t know anything about him. I never read about them,’” as he doesn’t want to feel remorse for the people he kills (Callaghan 2). Smitty also enjoys fishing as he likes to bring back fish for his wife, “‘I’d like to catch some fish,’ he said rapidly. ‘I told my wife I’d bring her home some fish,’” this also tells us that Smitty thinks about other people as well (Callaghan 2). Smitty’s job as a hangman may make him look intimidating, but he is actually a calm, nice, and is willing to make new connections. Overall, Smitty is a outgoing person that is hidden behind his shady job.



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this is what I think Smitty looks like.

Character Sketch – Two Fishermen
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