Work Place Safety

Things I Would Do To Stay Safe At Work

  1. I will wear the appropriate safety equipment
  2. I will remove any  dangling hoodie strings and loose clothing
  3. I will ask my employer for help if needed

To Help Co-Workers Safety I Will

  1. Help them if they are doing something unsafe
  2. Remind them about the safety protocols in the workplace

Which Story More Resonates Me?

  1. The story that most compares to me is the story of the man who fell off the ladder because of the timing being so unexpected. My First job is most likely being a life guard the job relies on your instinct and your reaction time to a person in distress. Because of the job is risking your life to save another person this job could become very dangerous.
  2. Working in the pool you have to expect the unexpected and somethings can happen in an instant from this accident i have learned that be aware of your surrounding and all ways be aware of what people tells you.

Canadian Identidy


Canadians Helping People Of Fort McMurray

Some people in Canada have an piece of their heart for the rest of the world this video from CBC news and this article have proven to me that there are people who are willing to help the ones in desperate need.  These people in my mind are true Canadians. Canadians stand for one another in times of need because here in Canada we live a fairly safe life but in Syria families are dying because of the actions that are being taken right now. People like the lady in the video are true Canadian for there time and dedication to help people in need because some people wish and pray that they had a life like Canadians so free and filled with excitement. The Fort McMurray wild fire was tragic for allot of families in the Albertan Area. Just within two days the fire spread and many people where forced to evacuate. Most people lost everything to this fire and it would take them years to earn it all back. Canadian from all across Canada pitched in to help these families in need they supplied food, shelter, clothing, donation and voluntary services.

If you would be a Syrian refugee that was trying to escape the war that is going on in your home country would would accept any type of help to survive your time of horror. Their views on Canadians would be around the same as mine because they are accepting help from any type of people and the more help they get the better there future would be. Even though Syrians right now have a horrible amount of resources they are being supported by us Canadian to fulfill their lives.

Float Your Boat Science 10

About Our Experiment: In our experiment we created a boat using tin foil, toothpicks, marshmallow and some tape we created a boat that could withstand the weight of 41 pennies. The dimensions of our boat where 1 inch in height, 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. The whole point of this experiment was to see if we could apply our logical and creative thinking in creating a floating and cargo holding boat. We thought that reinforcing our boat with e tooth pick will keep the bottom sturdy and help keep the boat in shape.

Our Hypothesis was: If we create support beams using the tooth picks Then the boat will not sink because it keeps the shape longer then without support.

Conclusion: In conclusion of your “Float Your Boat” Challenge our hypothesis was supported because it held its shape when sinking but compared to the ones without supports theirs shrived up this enabled us to take a large load without changing shape. To sink your boat it took exactly 41 pennies but the highest score was done by the boat under the name of “Sally” the boat held 90 pennies. Some errors that we think we did was as followed we had small holes in the sides of our boat so some water came it if we didn’t have these holes then we could have held up to 50 coins. later in the future we could experiment with different materials to build our boat. We could use wax paper and plastic wrap because these 2 materials don’t absorb water.

Rascism Then VS Now

Racism is a very crucial topic in 2017 people talk about it almost every day going back in to the American civil war it is much worse than you may think. People who were not white were treated like rag dolls told what to do, bring or they feared the consequences of dying. The largest population of races other than white that was affected by this were the blacks. African Americans resisted slavery by every means possible, including work slowdowns, sabotage, arson, mass flight, and rebellion. Slave masters feared for their lives, and not without reason, for domestic slaves often poisoned their masters. But Blacks weren’t the only people who were discriminated during the Civil war. Legally or socially sanctioned privileges and rights were given to white Americans but denied to Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic and Latino Americans. European Americans were granted exclusive privileges in matters of education, immigration, voting rights, citizenship, land acquisition, and criminal procedure over periods of time extending from the 17th century to the 1960s. However, non-Protestant immigrants from Europe; particularly Irish people, Poles, and Italians, suffered xenophobic exclusion and other forms of ethnicity-based discrimination in American society, were vilified as racially inferior, and were not considered fully white. In addition, Middle Eastern American groups like Jews and Arabs have faced continuous discrimination in the United States, and as a result, some people belonging to these groups do not identify as white. East and South Asians have similarly faced racism in America. During the civil war, white people banned together to form an anti-Black party called the KKK, short for Ku Klux Klan these people were devoted to abolishing the African Americans from the United States most of these people were the southerners. There were also private created by the blacks to fight against the white racist community an example of one of these was the Black panther they were a group that fought for the same rights as the white people in American.

Now in 2017 people may think that racism has just gone away after the civil war but racism across the world still exist what is going on right now in the world is that we have the case of Donald Trump who is banning Muslims from migrating to the USA because he stated that he they are all terrorists and they will destroy our country. In the United States, the KKK still exists people have been caught doing their anti-black ceremonies and they are mostly arrested for this. Racism has changed it has become less severe and less harmful towards specific races but we can still find poverty in third world countries.

This is how racism has changed and as you see its not as serious and hopefully we can get rid of racism forever

IT 10 Photoshop

I was inspired to create this image because of the looks of the sunflower in the Check Republic and Germany you can find vast fields of sunflower and you can get enough of them to compare the images i have included the before and after effects that one simple background can change your perspective on an image.

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