16 Personalities Write Up – English 12 – Tobiasz Majerkiewicz

What is my personality type?

After doing this test I ended up with a personality of a defender. This personality was assigned to people that have a good balance between introverted and extroverted, care about feelings more than thinking, more ovservant than intuitive and more judging, but not in a bad sense.

What are three words that describe me

According to the test some words that could be used to describe my introverted side would be shy and humble. But other people will see me as very generous, kind hearted and sensitive.

What can you learn form having a strong personal awareness of yourself and others?

The more you know about your own and other peoples personalities will help you excel in communicating with them and making the most of what they have to offer. Such as an introvert they like to work on their own, having this skill on a project help you because they are more focused and have goal set in mind. While extroverts could be great presenters, meaning they will do a great job keeping a audience engaged through out the most boring presentations.

Why are these tests flawed?

The reason why these test are flawed is because no person has a stereotypical personality. No one is ever just a defender, but they could be a combination between defender, adventurer, and a campaigner and the online test does not tell you what your personality is exactly it only cover a slight bit of what you can offer the world. Although it can give you the spark you needed to realise what you future could be, it doesn’t really tell you what the rest of your life will look like. Thats why dont believe everything the internet tells you.

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