Build a Beam Challenge – Engineering 12

Define: Tensile Strength and Compressive Stresses

Tensile is how far something can go before snapping

Compressive Strenght is how far something can go when flexing

Post-Activity Assesment 

  • The beam to weight ration is important to engineers because if the ratio is incorrect the design may encounter many flaws.
  • I beams are very common now if industrial building such as schools. Some building such as airplane hangars, Airports and stadiums may use other types of beams to adjust to their designs and purpose.
  • In a playground, you would not use concrete because it decays and chips over time. On the other hand, aluminum or steel takes way longer to decay, is very water-resistant and can be replaced much faster than concrete. Material such as steel or titanium would be good for making bridges but materials such as wood and steel would make good beams for homes.


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