Top 5 Moments In Pre-Calculus 11

This class was like a roller coaster filled with ups and downs but throught out this experience I have learned allot from my mistakes. But in this post I am going to be talking about the most influential things that will help me in grade 12. Here are my top 5 moments from Pre Calculus 11!

  1.  Math was never my best subject at any point in my lifetime, I always struggled to grasp the concepts and the biggest mistake a made was not asking the teacher for help when I needed it. But Pre Calculus 11 changed this, I started asking more and more question thus improving my understanding of concepts I also started completing my homework more often and realising how important it was to complete all the problem is the homework no matter the difficulty of how long it takes you to finish the problem because once you finish you will understand the concept more than ever, because you worked hard to get to the answer. And have realised if you understand the concept math actually becomes fun.
  2. Working with other students was the best idea Ms. Burton could have came up with. With this freedom I got to share my ideas with other, if I had the question wrong we could work together as a team to solve this question. As the saying goes “Two heads are better than one” I truly agree with this statement because working alone is fine to a certain point but after a while it gets boring and you start to doze out. On the other hand working with a partner keeps you awake and wanting to learn more as well as collaborating ideas to create one bug one
  3. The unit that I found the most fun and interesting was the trigonometry unit. Last year in grade 10 I really struggled with this topic because I could not grasp how to find the angles and when to use the inverse sine. But now thanks to Pre Calculus 11 I have expanded on trigonometry I have gained a much bigger knowledge of this topic. Since trig is a very common topic in Pre Calculus 12 having this expanded knowledge on this topic will launch me forward into grade 12 with a head start. For once in my life I felt smart when I was solving these trigonometric question with ease.
  4. Using tools such as Desmos helped me allot to expand my understanding of quadratics and inequalities because I could see what I was doing. Using websites such as thatquiz, quizziz and quizlet. Though the questions could sometimes be challenging, it helped us to remember certain things and made it easier to do other questions like them in the future. The websites made the questions look like a game less like practice which helped me just enjoy math and not worry about it.
  5. Finally the best thing about Pre Calculus 11 is the experience of helping out with a district wide video. On the first day we where taught by another teacher who went over solving and graphing quadratic equations. They started off with some writing and drawing, then we moved on to do some Parabola yoga. Doing this got me to learn in an interactive way and this drilling the concept into my head. In general helping with a district wide video was a great experience because there are many new teacher coming into the industry and helping them was a great idea and doing this it also helped me learn more about quadratic formulas and study for my final exam. Overall this class was very fun and interactive I think all the things that s. Burton implemented into the course really helped me out. Although I am not thrilled with my results in math this year I have gained the knowledge to but everything aside and take math seriously and not a joke. Very stoked for next year!


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