Week 17 – PreCalculus 11

We started off our unit of Trigonometry or “trig” for short.

In this unit we where introducted to triangles that go past 90 degrees even though it this may seem a little strangle it is quite simple.  As we where taught in grade 10 we ended only using the Soh Cah Toa method and pythagorous to find our solutions.

But we have two types of angle. The rotation angle and reference angle. You can find these by drawing your line throught the angle that was given then draw a vertical line to the x-axis. The triangle created makes you reference angle and the rotation angle is the angle to your line. That’s why you can have a triangle with an angle of 200 degrees now.

Instead of using Soh Cah Toa

sin = y/r , cos = x/r, tan = y/x

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