Week 3 – Pre Calculus 11

This week in Pre Calculus 11 we finished off our sequences and series unit and began a new unit of Absolute value and Radicals. To begin the unit we where introduced to absolute values of a number (Ex: |-5| has an absolute value of 5). Later throughout the week, we expanded our knowledge to solve absolute value equations ( Ex: |-3|+|5-9(3)| ). We also learned how to change an entire radical into a mixed radical and vice-versa. The hardest thing that I found about this unit was keeping track of how many negatives you have in your equation, I have had problems with keeping track of my negatives and I would like to challenge myself to keep those negatives in mind. Overall I am feeling confident in my performance this semester and hope to keep it at the same pace.

Below you will find examples of absolute values and expressions.

In this unit so far we have not used any formulas

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